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Pegg and Frost.

I have to say it again, I was iffy on picking up CLiNT, but it looks like this magazine is serious about being the next British anthology Magazine.  That is what I like about this magazine, it has that British flavor that many North American readers won't gamble on, but since it is backed by Mark Millar then may be this will expose more people to the awesome nature of the Anthology.
The major problem I have with this comic is that only Rex Royd I believe is completely exclusive to this book so far.  Turf came from Image and seems to be direct reprints.  American Jesus was sold in a few different ways with it starting off as simply Chosen. Even the two Mark Millar books are reprinted at Marvel's Icon.  As for the articles, they as well leave the impression as reprints since the "Real Life Superheroes" on further research seems to be from FHM first, which is a British Magazine. 
I have to admit that I do enjoy this format.  The bigger pages, the pace of some of the stories and even the articles are very well selected for the tone of this "fun" magazine.  Not all of the stories are blowing me away, but they are all fairly good in their own merits.  Rex Royd pushes the at the idea of how someone with "absolute power" because corrupt.  Turf reminds me of Vertigo's American Vampire, but meets a 30's mob movie and don't forget the sprinkle of Aliens.  American Jesus is still my favorite Mark Millar story and I don't think he has ever returned to writing that brilliantly.  I enjoyed it when it was just Chosen and having larger reprints to really see the encrypted detail is nice.  As for the two newer stories Kick-Ass 2 and Nemesis, they are just fine, but lack to me when I really think of what Millar is truly capable of.  The Space Oddities story at the end continues to be a nice send off.
The articles are surprisingly my favorite part of this issue. I enjoyed Chloe Grace Moretz's Hit Girl Diary entry because I have a lot of respect for how talented she is and it was neat seeming how humble, but arrogant she is at the same time. The real life superheroes article was neat, likely because of Kick-Ass.  I wonder if the movement help inspire Kick-Ass?  My absolute favorite article was the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost article, I am a huge fan of them personally.  There was the Charlie Book article that didn't leave an impression on me and then a couple of little one pagers.  Like Sexy Chavs which is really an interesting ad, it features two HOT chicks that are "Shoplifters" and there is mad product placement. 
Overall CLiNT has been proving me wrong, it is pretty entertaining.
- Silkcuts

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