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    The Climate Baton is the preferred weapon of Nami, navigator of the Straw Hats. With this segmented staff, she can manipulate the weather of the surrounding area to her design.

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    The Clima-Tact (天候棒(クリマ・タクト) Kurima Takuto) is an object from the manga series One Piece that was written by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. The Climate Baton is a weaponized baton that was created by Usopp to allow Nami to finally take part in battle.

    Though always shown to be blue in the anime version. It appeared that Oda had originally intended the Climate Baton to be red for the manga. This can be seen on the splash page of CH. 165, showing Usopp working on the red segment; and the cover of One Piece Volume 23, with Nami.

    Weapon Evolution

    Climate Baton

    The Climate Baton was originally developed by Usopp, the sniper of the Straw Hats.This is a three segmented staff that was created to play to Nami's impressive knowledge of the weather. Each sgement releases a different charge of either heat, cold, or electricity. Use required Nami to have to blow through the separate segments, but she later learned to release the charges though spinning.

    It first appeared in One Piece Volume 18 CH. 165 "Plan: Utopia".

    Perfect Climate Baton

    The Perfect Climate Baton (完全版"天候棒"(パーフェクトクリマタクト) Pāfekuto Kurima Takuto) is the second evolution of the climate baton.This was created by Usopp using dial-technology. This not only increased the power of the climate baton, but she also no longer had to blow wind through to release the charges.

    It first appeared in One Piece Volume 39 CH. 368 "Sea Train Battle Game".

    Sorcery Climate Baton

    The Sorcery Clima-Tact (魔法の天候棒(ソーサリー・クリマ・タクト) Sōsarī Kurima Takuto) is the third evolution of the climate baton, and the only one that Usopp did not have a hand in creating. Though similar in appearance to the original climate baton, it was created using the advanced weather science of Weatheria. It has many advancement in offensive weather-based attacks, including the black ball and weather egg.

    It first appeared in One Piece Volume 62 CH. 613 "Mermaid Princess of Shell Tower".

    Major Story Arcs

    Baroque Works Saga - Alabasta Arc

    It was on the way to Alabasta that Nami asked Usopp in private to build her a weapon she could use. What he came up with was the climate baton, and gave it to her once they reached Rainbase in Alabasta. However, he neglected to tell her what it did. She eventually got to use it in her fight with Miss Doublefinger, one of the Baroque Works' top agents. At first, Nami was inadvertently using pointless party gimmick Usopp had built into it. As she was hiding, she found the attacks on the the other side of the instructions.

    With full knowledge of the weapon's workings, Nami was able to escape attacks with mirages and strike her with lightening bolts. This mostly served to make Miss Doublefinger angry, but Nami won the fight with the Cyclone Tempo, blasting her through several walls.

    Water Seven Arc

    Nami had brought out her climate baton while they faced off with the CP-9 in Water Seven, but she never got the chance to use it to fight.

    Enies Lobby Arc

    The Straw Hats were on their way to Eneis Lobby to save Robin, and this time Nami was looking for a fight. She finally revealed the perfect climate baton that Usopp had developed for her before he left the crew. This dial powers climate baton was almost too powerful for her to control. She told Usopp to apologize when she accidentally hit Zoro and Sanji with lightening.

    The perfect climate baton was a useful weapon as Nami fought with Kalifa. It was the perfect weapon to cancel out Kalifa's soap powers, and create a large mirage to distract her.She ended the fight with the Thunder Lance Tempo.

    Thriller Bark Arc

    Nami was of little help during the battles on Thriller Bark, but the perfect climate baton aided Nami's escape from the shotgun wedding she was being forced into by Absalom. As the crew joined forces to defeat Oars, a monstrous giant-zombie powered by Luffy's shadow, Nami was able to strike it with lightning to stop it's attack temporarily. She could have hidden and continued attacking like this, but Sanji's over-exuberance revealed her position.

    Sabaody Archipelago

    Nami helped fight off the guards of the Celestial Dragons as the crew fought to free Camie from the slave action. Later that same day, the crew fought together against what was a cybernetic copy of Bartholomew Kuma. Nami struck one of the final blows with the Thunder Lance Tempo attack.

    Dawn Island Arc

    As Nami was alone on the sky island Weatheria, she used the weather science research she found there to develop a new climate baton, called the sorcery climate baton.

    Fish-Man Island Arc

    Nami first used the sorcery climate baton to teach a lesson to a group who had been trying to impersonate the Straw Hats. Nami later used it as a staff to fight with the royal guard of the Ryugu Palace.

    Nami really got to shine with her new sorcery climate baton for the fight with the New Fish-Man Pirates. She used the Mirage Tempo to steal a document from the Celestial Dragons for Jimbei and steal the key for the shackles of the royal family. In the battle with the fish-men, Nami was able to show off many of her new attacks.

    Punk Hazard Arc

    Nami and Usopp team up.
    Nami and Usopp team up.

    Nami created a cloud road for Luffy to use to land on Punk Hazard, an island covered in fire. As the crew later bust into the facility of Caesar Clown to rescue the kids he held captive, Nami used the sorcery climate baton to defeat a rampaging small dragon, and blast away Monet with a heat ball.

    When the crew escaped, Nami and Usopp teamed together to stop Buffalo and Baby 5 from escaping with Caesar Clown. She created a giant storm cloud and manipulated the lightning to strike the flying pair.

    Tempo Attacks

    All of Nami's attacks with the climate baton are called a Tempo, the Portuguese for weather. Without the climate baton, Nami is incapable of creating any of these attacks. Similar to Usopp, Nami's skills in battle are based on the use of the mind and gadgets.

    Ball Charges

    For each of Nami's a charge is required. The level is dependent on the atmosphere she is currently in. For some reason Nami has an incredible to know the conditions where ever she is. These charges are called:

    • Heat Ball: The Heat Ball (熱気泡(ヒートボール) Hīto Bōru) is produced through the use of the Heat Pole of the climate baton, and is seen as a glowing red ball of warm air. Though by itself it has no battle application. When enough of these are combined with a Cool Ball a cloud can be produced.
    • Cool Ball: The Cool Ball (冷気泡(クールボール) Kūru Bōru) is produced through the use of the Cool Pole of the climate baton, and is seen as a glowing blue ball of cool air. Though by itself it has no battle application. When enough of these are combined with a Heat Ball a cloud can be produced.
    • Thunder Ball: The Thunder Ball (電気泡(サンダーボール) Sandā Bōru) is produced through the use of the Thunder Pole of the climate baton, and is seen as a glowing yellow ball of electrically charged air. Though by itself it has no battle application. When tossed into a cloud this charge can create a lightening based attack.

    Party Uses

    Originally thought useless in battle the climate baton was also designed to be used to entertain at parties.

    • Fine Tempo
    • Cloudy Tempo
    • Thunder Tempo
    • Rain Tempo

    Battle Uses

    These abilities of the climate baton serve an actual use in a fight and were only learned by Nami after she read the instructions. Once the true use of the climate baton was learned, her skills with it have greatly increased.

    Climate Baton Techniques

    • Cyclone Tempo
    • Mirage Tempo (蜃気楼(ミラージュ)テンポ Mirāju Tenpo): This with technique, Nami can make herself appear invisible and move around unseen. It can also create mirage illusions to distract an enemy.
    • Thunderbolt Tempo
    • Tornado Tempo
    • Fog Tempo
    • Thunderstorm Tempo Thunderstorm Tempo (サンダーストーム テンポ Sandāsutōmu Tenpo

    Perfect Climate Baton Techniques

    • Thunder Charge-Swing Arm
    • Cloudy Tempo
    • Rain Tempo
    • Mirage Tempo: Fattah Morgana
    • Dark Cloud Tempo
    • Thunder Lance Tempo

    Sorcery Climate Baton Techniques

    • Mirage Tempo:The Mirage Tempo is a technique that Nami has used since the first version of the Climate Baton. It's unknown haw far this has advanced with the sorcery climate baton, but Nami was able to walk through a crowded plaza and went completely unseen.
    • Gust Sword (突風(ガスト)ソード Gasuto Sōdo): This technique is used with one of the separate rod segments. A bubble forms at the hollow tip. When it pops, a powerful compressed rod of wind fires from the rod. Anyone in it's direct path will be blasted away.
    • Black Ball: Storm Cloud Rod (ブラックボール 雷雲=ロッド Burakku Bōru: Raiun Roddo): This technique is used to create a segmented chain of black balls, filled with storm clouds. She can manipulate the path and direction of the chain of clouds from the sorcery climate baton, and it will electrocute anyone in it's path.
    • Shower Tempo (シャワー=テンポ Shawā Tenpo): This technique is a purely extravagant technique with no known battle applications.This created a small raincloud of warm water for Nami to use for a shower.
    • Milky Road (ミルキーロード Mirukī Rōdo): This technique is similar to the compressed clouds that are created using a milky dial shell. Nami can form a road of clouds to be used maneuver over obstacles on small vessels, such as the Mini Merry.
    • Thunder Trap (雷雲の罠(サンダー・トラップ) Sandā Torappu): This technique is used by filling an area with small lightening clouds. When an enemy passes through one, it will trigger a chain reaction of lightning bolts. She first used this technique against the small dragon created by Vegapunk.
    • Heat Egg (熱卵(ヒートエッグ) Hīto Eggu): This technique fires a ball of condensed heat from one of the segments. Nami used this to fire at the snow-woman Monet.
    • Milky Ball (ミルキーボール Mirukī Bōru):This technique is similar to the milky road and milky dials. This will create large balls of highly condensed clouds that can be used as a blockade. Perfect for holding someone back that you don't wish to harm.
    • Weather Egg (天候の卵(ウェザーエッグ) Wezā Eggu): The Weather Egg is a compressed ball of clouds that holds a particular form of climate. After it's been fired, it will launch into the size, grow to an enormous size, then release dark, lightening clouds.
    • Thunder Breed Tempo (サンダーブリードテンポ Sandā Burīdo Tenpo): This technique is used along with the Weather Egg. After the Weather Egg has been released, Nami can use one of her climate baton segments to actually manipulate the direction of a lightning bolt after it has been released.

    Other Media


    One Piece (1999)

    The One Piece animated series is a direct adaptation of Oda's original manga.. It's produced by TOEI Animation and first began airing in October 20, 1999. The climate naton made it's first anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 117 "Nami's Cyclone Advisory! Clima-Tact Burst!"., which aired on June 30, 2002. This reveal was far later in continuity than it was revealed in the manga. The scene where Usopp gives it to Nami is shown in flashback.


    One Piece The Movie: The Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle (2006)

    In the "One Piece The Movie: The Giant Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle", which seems to take place some time before the Water 7 story arc. Usopp can be seen developing the perfect climate bato, though in the movie Nami uses her standard climate baton.


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