Cliff Baker

    Character » Cliff Baker appears in 158 issues.

    Son of Ellen Baker and Buddy Baker.

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    Cliff Baker was created by writer Grant Morrison and penciller Chas Truog and made his first appearance in Animal Man #1 (September, 1988).


    Cliff Baker is the teenage son of Animal Man, Buddy Baker. Cliff has a fondness for violence and gore, which he incorporates into his own comic books. When he was 14, he was kidnapped by his great-uncle Dudley, and left alone for ten days in an abandoned mine-shaft before his father came to save him. Like his father, Cliff briefly assumed the ability to adopt the physical characteristics of other animals. He no longer has this power however, and currently resides in California with his mother and sister. Cliff Baker was killed in Animal Man #18. He was saving his dad from William Arcane attacking him. Cliff jumped in and attacked him and William Arcane punched him in the stomach very hard and left a hole in him and he died in his father arms. His funeral was seen in Animal Man #19 with his family to be buried and the family broke up after his death.

    Powers and Abilities

    Cliff Baker possesses the strength level of a boy his age, size and weight who engages in moderate regular exercise.


    • As of Animal Man Annual #1 (1993), Cliff was known to be 14 years old.
    • Sometimes Cliff's eyes are mis-colored blue instead of green.
    • Cliff Baker is an avid fan of horror films.

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