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    One of Peter’s closet friends along with Quagmire and Joe. He also had his own show before known as The Cleveland Show.

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    Named after the Cleveland Browns NFL team, Cleveland Brown is a gentle, polite and patient man once married to Loretta Brown with son Cleveland Jr. Cleveland's divorce was a result of best friend Glen Quagmire sleeping with Loretta as a result of a Cleveland's "soft" attitude towards his wife and passion-less love life.

    Cleveland Jr seems to be quite the opposite of his father, being over-energetic, loud and a very short attention span making him a possible ADHD child. Recently Cleveland Jr. has been portrayed as overweight, sympathetic, and inactive. He also has a hard time making friends, his only real friend seems to be Ernie Krinklesac. Cleveland Jr. is also shown to have an obsessive compulsive disorder in which he needs to keep things clean.

    Cleveland often receives different treatment for his race throughout the Family Guy series, example being when he is treated over-violently by police authorities.

    Cleveland shares a lot of his time with best friends Peter Griffin, Glen Quagmire and Joe Swanson at their local pub "The Drunken Clam".

    Cleveland Show

    After finalizing his divorce with Loretta, Cleveland decides to move to Hollywood with Cleveland jr.. They stop in Stoolbend, Virginia (His home town.) for a few days and meets up with his old high school friend Donna Tubbs. Cleveland had always harbored romantic feelings for Donna which she was unaware of. He comes to stay with her and her two children Rallo and Roberta with whom he quickly forms somewhat of a bond . Cleveland and Donna soon get married and he settles down for his new life with Donna, Roberta, Rallo, and Cleveland Jr.. Cleveland also finds replacements for his friends by meeting redneck racist Lester Krinklesac, animatronic bear Tim the Bear, midget Holt Rickter, and old best friend Terry Kimple. The new formed team hangs out in the "Broken Stool." almost similar to how the guys met in Family Guy. Cleveland soon gets a job with Tim and Terry at Waterman Cable as a cable install men. Recently it was revealed that Loretta died by falling out of her bathtub and snapping her neck. When he cried at her funeral it put his new marriage in question. It was also revealed that his parents were Evelyn "Cookie" Brown and LeVar "Freight Train" Brown. It is also revealed that Cleveland is very talented at baseball and played for his school team. He was so good that they retired his jersey number 9 and earned the nickname "Hot Brown." He has also been revealed to play basketball with Barack Obama when they were kids but he knew him as Barry Obama so he was not aware until recently that Barry and Barack Obama were the same person. It is also revealed that he has a brother named Roderick who saved Cleveland from a drug dealer with Afgani Heroin. Cleveland also lost his virginity at the age of nine. He was also conceived during the seventh inning stretch at an Indian's game which tells us why he is named Cleveland. He also whistled the national anthem at the 1983 world series.


    In the Cleveland Show he is shown to be a very loyal friend. One such example is when him and his friends went to New York City and Cleveland had to save Tim from a bar, he had to stab Donald Trump to save Holt, and had to save Lester after he used the N word. Another time when Lester lost his son to child services, Cleveland helped him get Ernie back from the government. Cleveland has also been shown to know very little about romance, such as when he and Donna went to New York city, he spent the whole time saving his friends for various problems.


    Cleveland has been shown to have high blood pressure. Donna tried to help him by putting him on a high fiber diet but this only makes him fart very badly. His iconic mustache was also shown to deepen his voice. When Cleveland Jr. cut it off, Cleveland discovered that without his mustache he had a high pitched girly voice. He later got a transplant Ron Goldman mustache.


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