Clerks: The Lost Scene #1

    Clerks: The Lost Scene » Clerks: The Lost Scene #1 - The Lost Scene released by Oni Press on December 1, 1999.

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    The Comic

    This comic is a "Lost Scene" from the movie Clerks.  This is not really a lost scene but it is made to fit in the film just before Randal Graves and Dante Hicks walk into the viewing of Dante's lost girlfriend Julie Dwyer's funeral.  This is explained by Jay and Silent Bob themselves as they set op the projector so we can see the lost scene.  Actually Jay does all the talking while Silent Bob sets up the camera and gives some classic expressions.

    The Plot

    Dante and Randal go to the viewing of Julie Dwyer and see Alyssa Jones who went there to pay her respects as well.  Alyssa hates Randal and it's no small wonder as he refers to her as "Finger Cuffs".  Randal really is not reverent in any way at the viewing and is constantly embarrassing Dante.  As they wait in line to view the body Dante asks Randal to talk to the parents while he views the body.  This prompts an embarrassing story Dante had the last time he met her parents and he wanted to spare them and himself from seeing each other.  Of course Randal says he will help and then does everything he can to introduce Dante to his parents.
    When the two go to view Julie's body they are shocked to see her dressed in a tube top and mini-skirt.  Randal gets bored and wants the keys to go back to the car but when Dante tosses the keys to Randal they fall into the coffin and worse in Julie's skirt.  Dante again asks Randal to cover for him learning nothing from what just happened and Randal does what he can to embarrass Dante.   The situation gets worse when the parents come over and see Dante with his hand in Julie's skirt.  A skirmish insures and ends with Julie's coffin tipping over and Julie falling out.  This pretty much ends the comic and it picks up in the film with Dante and Randal running out of the funeral home chased by three guests.


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     The Cartoon This comic was almost perfect.  I actually feel guilty and too picky for giving it only four and a have stars.  There is one plot point involving keys landing that is a concept a little hard to accept but this book is classic clerks.  If this was filmed during the movie it would have fit right in.  The art is perfect the characters are true to the film and we even get to see Alyssa Jones who is another great Kevin Smith character.  I loved this book so much I just went ba...

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