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Cleito is one of the Fallen Stars, deities created from the dreams of ancient Creator being. Each embodied concepts  such as darkness and light, love and hate, life and death. Each representing the thoughts and emotions of the unknown Creator. Each had a different role to play in the drama of Creation. Cleito is the Embodiment of Illusion, keeping the Dream going and creating life.She was born on Earth and gave birth to her own mortal mate, Adam K'Ad Mon.  
Adam was to be the first human. But was given the task of maintaining the Dream of existence, else it would become a fading memory. A task inherited but one of his descendants in each generation. Her birthplace and that of her son would become the Nexus of Reality. Cleito would become the Holy mother, the Mother of All Things.  
Cleito would later be reborn as daughter to Evenor and Leucippe, the first humans to settle in Atlantis. According to the Greek legend, this incarnation mated with Poseidon. She gave birth to the first Kings of Atlantis: Atlas, Emulous/Gadeiros, Amphiris, Euaimon, Mniseus, Aftochthon, Elassipos, Mistoras, Azais and Diaprepis. According to the Man-Thing tales, she ruled the Ten kingdoms of Atlantis through her sons. Pilgrims would seek her out, offered hope in times of hopelessness, relierf from suffering, absolution from sin.

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