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The Robot Kingdom and their Coalition Forces from the planet Landfall have waged war with The Narrative from Landfall's only moon named Wreath. The two sides have agreed to cease fighting there, so they have outsourced their age old war to many foreign lands to include the ancient planet of Cleave orbiting a faded old star.


Most of the planet Cleave is still uncharted by the Coalition Forces or the Narrative. Of the charted areas, the planet does not have much to offer except for the predominantly Coalition Forces controlled gunpowder fields. Marko, however, obtained a map from a grease monkey with previously thought unexplored areas. Key terrain features are River Tranquility, Sentinel Falls, Lava Swamps, a desert, Murder Valley, The Uncanny Bridge, the fort & mountain and Rocketship Forest.


After dark, it is said that the Horrors come out. They were originally thought to be imaginary monsters, but a scout from Marko's platoon saw one first hand. The scout reported "it had glowing red eyes and teeth like a thousand needles" and that it devoured a dozen men.


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