Character » Clearbrook appears in 56 issues.

    Lifemate of One-Eye and love-mate to Treestump (after One-Eye's death); mother of an unnamed daughter and Scouter; grandmother of Pool.

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    Calm, dignified and thoughtful, choosing her words carefully, Clearbrook is the eldest female Wolfrider. As an elder, her quiet advice is never overlooked. Both mother figure and warrior, Clearbrook is now an advocate of forgiveness and letting go of the past—but the road required for her to come to that quiet understanding was harrowing. Losing her lifemate, One-Eye, during the original Quest turned Clearbrook into a fierce and vengeful angel of death. Cutting off her long braid and wrapping it around him seemed to cut her off from her usual gentle ways for the rest of the Elf-Troll War. Consumed with hunger for revenge, it dulled her own survival instincts. Hope flared briefly that her lifemate might be returned to her when Leetah tried her desperate healing on One-Eye... but failed.

    It took the healing of time to allow Clearbrook to release her grief over One-Eye's death. With this release, Clearbrook was finally free to accept all that Treestump offered. Clearbrook's encounters with Two-Edge, coupled with the resurgence of her usual good sense and gentle nature, led her to embrace forgiveness. Clearbrook has had at least two children in her long life, Scouter and an unnamed daughter.

    Due to her wolf-blood, Clearbrook (like the true WolfRiders) is mortal, but since the life of a WolfRider has always been hard, rare is the WolfRider who lives to a mortal end. Those who lived through Two-Edges war and the battle for the shards may be the longest-lived WolfRiders ever; if you include the time they spent in wrapstuff waiting for the castle's return (see Kings of the Broken Wheel) they definately ARE.

    Oddly, many of the trolls are actually older than the WolfRiders since they are immortal and did not enter wrapstuff to wait for Trinket.


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