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Audrey and Rachel continue their battle against Riful of the West, and Clare learns some surprising truths about Priscilla, Isley and the struggle for power amongst the Three Great Awakened Ones. Meanwhile, the Organization decides to send Miata and Clarice out on an important mission, but will Clarice be able to keep her unstable young charge in line?

Riful, merely toying with the two Claymores, effortlessly disables them. The Claymores are then retrieved by Clare, Miria, Helen, and Deneve before they are killed. However, as the previous three begin to escape, Clare stays to ask Riful questions on the current balance of power in the world. Riful reveals that she came to the south to kill Isley after his victory over Luciela, but was confronted by Priscilla, who she realized was much stronger than her. Clare then attempts to escape, and despite RIful's efforts, is successful in doing so. Once they return, Audrey awakens, and Miria questions her on the status of the Organization. Elsewhere, due to Clarice's control over Miata, the Organization dispatches her to hunt down Galatea. Through breastfeeding, Clarice is able to pacify Miata, and the two proceed towards Galatea using Miata's enhanced sensory abilities.

Chapter Titles

  • Scene 70: The Defiant Ones, Part 3
  • Scene 71: The Defiant Ones, Part 4
  • Scene 72: The Defiant Ones, Part 5
  • Scene 73: A Child Weapon, Part 1
  • Extra Scene 1: A Warrior's Pride
  • Extra Scene 2: The Phantom and the Wicked Warrior







Story Arcs

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