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 Clay is a hired hitman that has come into contact with both X-Factor and X-Force.


Clay was created by Peter David and Pablo Raimondi during the Madrox mini series. He was created to be a hired hitman and has not diverged far from this.

Major Story Arcs


For more information: Madrox
 Clay is hired by Edward Vance to kill Madrox. His dupe had been sleeping with Vance's wife. Having similar powers to Madrox, Clay was a formidible opponent, and revealed that Madrox knew very little of his powers.

The Isolationist

For more information: Isolationist
 The second time Clay meet up with X-Factor, he was working with Solo to keep Siryn and M occupied while the Isolationist tried to kill all the mutants that were left in the world.

Sex and violence

 Possible Death
 Possible Death

For More Information: Sex and Violence
Clay is hired by the Assassins Guild to bring Domino to "justice". While he was about to kill the pair, it seems that he was killed by The Hand who were also entering the fold.  While he has not been seen since, it is possible that the Clay that died was a duplicate or that a duplicate became the alpha personality.

Powers and Abilities

Clay has powers similar to Madrox. He can create duplicates of himself. When he duplicates, he also can duplicate small objects like guns. It was said that he had more control than Madrox did.  
He is also a skilled hitman and expert sniper.


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