Clay Brody

    Character » Clay Brody appears in 34 issues.

    A member of Challengers of the Unknown.

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    A former race car driver turned Challenger of the Unknown after a horrific plane crash that left him among the only survivors, Clay comes from a family of coal miners and often finds himself at odds with the ways his family has treated him and what's expected of him. Perhaps the most physically affected by the change they'd all undergone, he's a solid and grounding presence within the group and comes to see them as the family he'd always wanted.

    New 52

    In DC Universe Presents #6 - Renewal, Clay Brody is re-envisioned as an archaeologist. Early in his career, he discovers an amulet engraved with a spiral, a symbol sacred in the hidden Tibetan city of Nanda Parbat. Brody has the amulet for several years before it opens its secrets to him, directing him to gather together a small group of adventurers. With the help of television producer June Robbins, herself one of those Brody is instructed to assemble, he brings them together under the pretense of being contestants on a reality television competition called "Challengers." Flying to the Himalayas for shooting, the Challengers' plane crashes, and the true destiny of the survivors--Brody among them--begins to unfold. Brody is apparently devoured by a creature trying to reclaim the amulet, who he entrusts to Robbins.


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