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Claude was a member of the Company for years, being trained by one of their premiere agents Ivan.
In 1990, Claude and his first partner, Haram, are in Côte d'Azur harbor to capture Rollo Fusor. On a bridge crossing the harbor, Claude tries to calm Haram down and reminds him to follow their plan. Claude sneaks on board Rollo Fusor's yacht while Haram negotiates with Rollo Fusor for the release of two people he believes are held hostage. Claude helps Haram out of a Côte d'Azur harbor, then detaches Pizet's dehydrated arm from Haram's handcuffs. The Company tracks Rollo Fusor to Paris, France, and Claude and Haram go there to capture Fusor and his accomplice. Using binoculars, they spot Rollo Fusor, his accomplice, and what they think may be their next victim. Claude becomes invisible, and the two agents storm the hotel room where their targets are located, only to learn that Rollo Fusor and the Frenchman are both dead and dehydrated, and the lady accomplice is missing. Claude and Haram determine that the lady accomplice must have had the power all along, and that Fusor really worked for her.

Claude follows Haram to the roof to pursue the lady accomplice. She spots them and they track her from roof to roof, down a ladder and into a Paris park. In the park, Claude tries to get Haram to work with him as a team, but they appear to lose her and can only find a couple kissing under the moonlight. Then, just when they think they've lost her for good, Haram finds her fresh tracks in the grass. However, she responds by tipping over a tree that knocks Haram over and pins Claude to the ground. The lady quickly grabs Haram by the throat before he can free his partner.

Still at the Paris park and trapped under a fallen tree, Claude turns invisible and hits Rollo Fusor's accomplice with a stick, forcing her to release Haram. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Haram grabs her by the arms and forces her to self-dehydrate into a pile of dust. Having finished their mission, Claude convinces Haram to agree to continue as his partner for another six months when police arrive to the park.

Later, Claude arrives at the entrance lobby of Primatech to turn in his report on Fusor's case, when he is surprised to learn from the secretary that Mr. Bennet, Claude's trainee, has already been made his new partner. Claude rejects the idea, stating Haram gave his word to stay on for six months; Claude asks to speak to Haram, but the secretary insists it's impossible to speak with Haram because he's "retired". The secretary then holds the door open to Thompson's office, saying that Thompson is waiting to speak with Mr. Bennet and Claude.

In 1991, Claude sits in on Mr. Bennet's interview in Thompson's office. A clean-shaven Claude appears and is partnered with Noah to work for the Company.

In 1992, Claude takes Noah on a "bag and tag" mission. He leaves him to guard the hallway and enters the apartment, he turns invisible to avoid detection. Shortly after he enters there is an explosion inside the apartment. When Noah enters he finds Claude on the ground and his clothes are on fire. Claude tells Noah that their target has blown up and to get the baby from the next room. Claude and Noahescape the fire with the baby. Mr. Bennet asks if Claude can change a diaper. Claude says he can't, but that he could use a change of underpants for himself.
on the rooftop of the Deveaux building, Claude and Mr. Bennet discuss what will happen to baby Claire. Claude waits with Thompson while Noah and Mr. Nakamura have a conversation. After Mr. Nakamura and his son leave Claude wishes Mr. Bennet a Happy Father's day in Japanese.

In 1999, Mr. Bennet and Claude drive together, and Claude asks about their next assignment. Noah tells him they are "looking into a security breach"—Claude himself is the security breach. Claude laughs this off, and Noah asks him if he's hiding one of them. Claude claims he is, and the vivisections are starting to keep him up at night, and that Claire is "one of us". Claude confesses he was in Noah's office when he was being told to kill him, but thinks he is a better man than that. Claude gets out of the car, and stands on the side of the bridge.

He tells Mr. Bennet that he knows its not the first time he's been told to kill a man, but wants to know if its the first time he might have to kill a friend. Mr. Bennet levels a gun at him, claiming if Claude tells him who he is hiding, "we can forget about the rest". Claude says he will not hunt his own people, and asks Mr. Bennet what he would do if it was Claire he was hiding. Claude tells Mr. Bennet that he has a choice. Mr. Bennet shoots Claude twice, and as Claude turns invisible and falls off the bridge, Bennet shoots him again. 

Later, while walking down a New York City street, Peter sees the Claude nonchalantly picking through the property of others. Peter follows him and yells to him. Claude is shocked to be seen; he grabs Peter and the two tussle. Peter quickly informs Claude that he can "do what you can do," and Claude promptly wants nothing to do with Peter. He disappears around the corner, and Peter fades back into sight. He then follows Claude to the rooftop of Charles Deveaux's building, where the two fight a bit more and Claude threatens Peter for following him again. Later, when Peter is running away from his brother and Mohinder, Claude shows up outside of Peter's apartment and helps him escape. The two then talk about Peter's power as an empath, and they go off to steal a cab.

Claude continues to work with Peter, trying to teach him to use his power consciously and not just as a reflex. Claude takes a purse from a woman standing nearby and hands it to Peter. He leaves Peter to see if he can maintain his invisibility without Claude's help, but Peter fails his test. Claude, realizing that Peter is too attached to people, tells him that people are selfish, deceitful and gassy. Peter insists that at least Simone is different. To find out whether or not this is true, Claude and Peter follow Simone to the roof of her father's building.

Claude uses Simone's intimacy with Isaac to taunt Peter, and they argue. Claude insists Peter flies, and he pushes Peter off the roof, causing him to crash into a taxi and impaling his chest on a piece of metal. However, he is saved by his absorbed power of regeneration. Claude tells Peter that he freed his mind and called out his power, but Peter believes that it was his recollection of Claire that brought out his powers. Unfortunately, he begins to overload, so Claude promptly punches Peter, knocking him out.

On Charles Deveaux's rooftop, Claude attacks Peter with a pole; Peter eventually stops the blows, using telekinesis. Claude asks Peter which of his friends is telekinetic, and Peter realizes it's Sylar. Claude tells Peter that they may have a chance at stopping him from exploding, then strikes him in the face with another pole and knocks him down.

As Peter and Claude discuss evolution, Noah and the Haitian detect their invisibility with infrared goggles. Claude is struck by taser darts and collapses. Peter throws Claude off of the building before jumping after him and flying them both to safety. Claude awakens in Peter's apartment. He shows Peter the mark on his neck, explaining that he's been hiding from Mr. Bennet's organization for years, and vanishes.

Elle tracks Claude through London, seeking to obtain control of her ability. As she's waiting for the right time to approach him, he aggressively asks her why she's following him. When Elle asks for help, Claude, still believing Elle to have ties with the Company, runs off before she can explain that she's no longer with them. The rain allows Elle to chase him, but she loses control of her power The water on the ground conducts and intensifies the electricity, and both Claude and Elle are rendered unconscious.

Claude awakens in Trafalgar Square and Lee and Abigail help him up, Claude tells them to bring Elle along as well. Claude talks to Elle about her ability and agrees to help her control it. The two go to a showing of Hamlet at the Globe Theatre. There, Claude tells Elle to forgive her father.

After Elle accidentally uses her power and electrifies Abigail and Lee, she decides to leave. Claude tries to get her to stay, but to no avail.


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