Claude Starkowitz

    Character » Claude Starkowitz appears in 8 issues.

    A mechanic whom could be found aiding Howard the Duck on many occasions. He looked a lot Tony Stark, even telling people he was his cousin.

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    Claude Starkowitz was something of a disconnected mecanic. He was friends with Lee Switzler, another entrapeneur. Claude would frequently make outlandish statements implying that he was Tony Stark's cousin.


    Claude Starkowitz was created by Bill Mantlo and Gene Coland and first appeared in Howard the Duck issue 30 (1979).

    Major Story Arcs


    Claude was contacted by lee Switzler into helping him and his griend Howard the Duck. Claude, honering this request, invented Howard the Duck's "Iron Duck" armor. It bore a striking resemblance to Tony "Iron Man" Stark. While the Iron Duck armor of his own invention was effective enough to get the job done, it almost killed its wearer, Howard. Claude later worked as a mechanic for Lee Switzler's "To Hack and Back" Cab company.


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