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After seeing footage of the X-Men battling the Mandroids in Japan, the Canadian Prime Minister demands to recruit Wolverine for his special ops government agency! Guest-starring Alpha Flight!

Reprint of and retroactive backup story to The X-Men #120 - Wanted: Wolverine! Dead Or Alive! (April, 1979).

Backup story summary:

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Writer: Tom Orzechowski

Artist: John Bolton

So Much in Common!

As some of the X-men enjoy a night out drinking at Harry's Hideaway, Wolverine regales his teammates with the story of an arm-wrestling scam he was a part of 20 years earlier in Calgary. Through the details of the story, Banshee realizes that he was also in the same bar, on the same night, as the one that Wolverine describes in his story.

Though Wolverine was working as a ringer in an illegal gambling fraud, and Banshee as an agent of Interpol trying to bring down some big-name jewel thieves, they realize that they both were aided in their mutual endeavors by the presence of the other.


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