Classic X-Men #25

    Classic X-Men » Classic X-Men #25 - T'was The Night Before Christmas released by Marvel on September 1988.

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    Moses Magnum has issued an ultimatum to the government of Japan: Turn absolute power over to him, or he will use his Magnum Force to sink the entire country!

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    Just don't look in it's eyes

    Continuing to do black-ops work for the organization known as Central, even after establishing himself among the X-men, Wolverine finds himself bombing an isolated outpost on their behalf. However as the outpost explodes, Wolverine himself is caught in the blast and has his costume destroyed leaving him naked in the wilderness with only his mask on.

    As he makes his way naked through the snow, his tracks are followed by a hunter believing he's stumbled onto some evidence of an abominable snowman, a belief that is not convinced wrong even upon seeing Wolverine's movements through the scope of his gun. Though the hunter believes he's stealthily tracking Wolverine, Wolverine's heightened senses make him acutely aware of his presence, and he considers stealing the man's clothes.

    Suddenly, Wolverine is attacked by a large grizzly bear and left with no choice but to put the beast down, though he still wishes he didn't have to. He muses to himself that though he is a killer of men, those men chose their fate by being evil, while the bear was simply as desperate to survive as he now is.

    The fight with the bear has given the hunter a chance to gain some ground, and as Wolverine turns, sensing his arrival, the hunter shoots an arrow at him. Wolverine catches the arrow and throws it back at the hunter, embedding it in his leg.

    As Wolverine shambles off to be alone in the wilderness, the hunter is baffled, still not understanding how he was outsmarted by a simple beast.

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    • Ranked #51 in Wizard Magazine's list of "100 Best Single Issue Comics Since You Were Born".
    • Reprint of and retroactive backup story to The X-Men #119.

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