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Jungle Love - Marvel Digital Review #2

Classic X-Men back-up review #2 featuring Colossus.  

The X-Men arrive in the Savage Land, after their encounter Magneto at his Antarctic base.  The heat, playing tricks on his mind, make Peter think he sees Anya.  Anya is a girl from back home, but he is really looking at three females from the Fall People tribe.  The women are attacked by a T-Rex, and Peter comes to their rescue.  One of them is killed by the T-Rex, and to repay him for saving them, the other two want to have a "ceremony"  with Peter.  Peter, suprised that they were not scared by his armored for, embraced the moment.

I think that Claremont and Bolton create an interesting tale from one or two panels from UXM #114.  It reveals part of Colossus' past, and his relationships before Kitty Pryde. 

Notes: This story takes place behind the scenes of  Uncanny X-Men #114, and between Uncanny X-Men #114 and #115.  
              In Uncanny X-Men Annual #12, it is revealed that due to this encounter, Nereel had a son (a named him Peter).

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