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Storm and Jean Grey's friendship blossoms in "First Friends!"

Reprint of and retroactive backup story to The X-Men #94

Backup story summary

First Friends

The story opens with Storm flying over New York, contemplating the restrictive nature of the large city as compared to her native Africa. She lands on the balcony of jean Grey's city apartment and Jean explains that she can only afford the place because she's taken a roommate, a private investigator by the name of Misty Knight. Misty doesn't know Jean's secret identity as Marvel Girl, so Jean asks Storm to change out of her X-men costume before she gets home. Storm complies by getting completely naked in front of Jean, who's taken back by Storm's lack of modesty. Storm explains that her powers protect her from the elements and thinks it strange that Americans are so shy about their bodies. Jean lends her some clothes to go shopping in and the depart just as Misty arrives.

After some shopping, the two of them are enjoying some ice-cream when they are caught unaware by a purse snatcher on a skateboard, who Jean pursues while Storm gathers their bags. Jean chases the kid on the skateboard to a subway entrance and follows him down the stairs, but as Storm catches up, she becomes frightened of following them down.

In the terminal, Jean catches the young thief just as a train stops ejecting a crowd all around her. Unprepared, she becomes overwhelmed by her own telepathic perception and loses the thief.

At the entrance to the stairs, Jean meets up again with Storm and berates her for not following to help her, but as Storm replies that she couldn't, Jean sees into her mind to the childhood trauma that caused her to be claustrophobic: being buried alive next to her dying mother. As Storm realizes that Jean has just read one of her most private thoughts, she is outraged and flies off in a flurry of lightning and wind.

Jean follows her high into a darkening sky to confront her angry new friend, explaining that she didn't mean to read her thoughts, but lost control of herself out of anger and fear. She says that she would rather lose her powers than ever hurt a friend, and promises her that she is her friend.

As Storm realizes that she's overreacted, her and Jean return to the street to collect their bags. Storm says that she feels scared of her new life away from her familiar homeland, but she knows that if she ran back there now, she would always keep running, ruled by her fear. Jean says they can beat their fears if they face them together and the two descend into the subway hand in hand.

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Modifications: After the page where Cyclops told Xavier his doubts about being X-Men's leader and the time he hasn't for Jean, another page was added - one with Moira and a young Wolfsbane, in Scotland, riding a horse back to their houses, when Reverend Craig suddenly appears and shouts at Moira, sending Wolfsbane inside. Another page with Thunderbird trying to prove to himself that he is better than Wolverine is also added to this issue.


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