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The X-Men return to Earth and take a much needed vacation - until WEAPON ALPHA strikes! Who is this Canadian superhuman, and why is he after the X-Men - or more specifically, WOLVERINE?

Reprint of and retroactive backup story to The X-Men #109 - Home Are The Heroes! (February, 1978).

Front cover by Art Adams, back cover by John Bolton.

Backup story summary:

Dearest Friend

While hitch-hiking home from a concert in northern Ireland, Banshee is stopped and harassed by a police detective who accuses him of being a south Irish terrorist spy, despite having no evidence whatsoever. Though Banshee soundly denies it, the cop seems confident that he can get a confession out of him back at the police station.

Before Banshee can be detained without charge however, he's rescued by a mysterious motorcyclist already being chased by squad cars. The driver of the motorcycle loses the squad cars by driving off-road, but the detective that had been harassing Banshee continues his pursuit. As he catches up to them on a stretch of road along a high cliff, the cop shoots out the tire of the motorcycle sending the pair hurdling over the edge towards the rocky coastline below.

Before they hit the beach, Banshee uses his mutant power to pull them out of the dive and soar away, eventually landing at the castle that is his ancestral home. Banshee worries that he's frightened the rider, but she punches him and and claims to be furious at the loss of her bike. It's only then that Banshee realizes his savior was a woman. Realizing he's also saved her life, she calms down and he invites her into the castle for a drink.

Inside, Banshee explains that the castle has been in his family for generations, and is then interrupted by the arrival of his cousin, Tom, who explains that, though they are technically of the gentry, the family's been broke for generations. Tom flirtatiously introduces himself, and the woman responds that she is Maeve Rourke, and that she is pleased to meet them both.

After flying her home, Banshee asks Maeve out on a date, despite being self-conscious of Tom's smooth charm and obvious interest in her. She replies that she'd be happy to. As the months go by, Maeve begins to date both men, and both of them fall for her. Banshee can't tell whom she cares for more, but becomes more confident when she asks him to her university's Spring ball.

Driving his motorcycle to pick her up for the ball, Banshee is spotted by the cop who'd harassed him months before. The cop remembers him and hits him with his car, sending him crashing into a wall. As he returns home fairly injured, he tells Tom to go on the date in his place so that Maeve's night won't be ruined as well. He asks him to explain what happened but to tell her not to worry.

Tom, who's also fallen in love with Maeve, sees this as his chance to win her away from Banshee, and picks her up without telling her what happened, allowing her to think that Banshee stood her up. At the dance, Tom realizes that though she's glad that he's come in Banshee's place, she's hurt thinking that he'd stood her up. Though he had no problem letting her think this to win her favor, he feels bad for causing her to feel bad and finally comes clean. He says he understands that she must hate him for his deception, but she says she understands and respects that he told the truth despite his feelings for her.


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