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Stranded by the SHI'AR! The X-Men find themselves surrounded by alien foes, with only one option - FIGHT! Guest-starring the STARJAMMERS, and featuring the first appearance of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard - along with the debut of fan-favorite Shi'ar strongman GLADIATOR!

The primary story reprints The X-Men #107 - Where No X-Man Has Gone Before with new pages illustrated by Chuck Patton, while the second story, "What Stuff Our Dreams Are Made Of...," illustrated by John Bolton, features Lilandra's exile by her mad brother, D'Ken, as well as her first contact with Professor X. Both the Art Adams cover and the Bolton back piece are original to this comic.

Backup story Summary:

What Stuff Our Dreams Are Made Of...

Lilandra has been taken prisoner by agents of her brother, the mad Emporor of the Shi'ar, D'Ken. Charging her with treason, D'ken's holographic avatar offers her an ultimatum: swear fealty to him and be mercifully exiled, or be executed by his agents where she stands.

Lilandra claims death would be better than life in a galaxy ruled by D'Ken. They speak of an ultimate power that Lilandra has discovered that he thinks will allow him to rule the universe, but before Lilandra is executed, the ship she's being held on is attacked by loyalists to her crown, in a desperate gamble to rescue her.

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Knowing her friends were lucky to have the element of surprise, but that they are hopelessly out-gunned, she inflicts further damage to the ship to buy them time as she escapes in a small shuttle. Making contact with her friends, they arrange for a rendezvous.

Suddenly Lilandra is overwhelmed by an intense psionic flash, flooding her mind with the totality of another being, an alien of a species she's never heard of named Charles Xavier. So complete was the transfer of is perspective that both of their minds seem to be existing in her body, both equally confused about who they really are and how alien everything seems.

Outside the window, Lilandra sees the body of her friend floating dead in space, but perceives him also as an alien being whom she's never met. Her legs stop working, and she/Xavier gets herself to the shuttle's medical unit to try to understand what's happening to them. As the two perspectives in her head separate themselves, both seem to understand what's happened, and Lilandra finds herself for the first time in love with this alien creature she's never met.

As her legs come back under her control, she goes to find out how long she lost consciousness for during the psionic flash, and finally realizes that the small fleet that had come to her rescue her have sacrificed their lives for her.

She feels completely alone and defeated, but with no other options she makes a desperate decision to flee to Earth, the home of her new soul-mate, and ask for the help of him and his X-men in saving the universe.


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I'd Like To File A Rapport - Marvel Digital Review #1 0

Classic X-Men back-up review #1, featuring Lilandra. This issue's back-up feature tells the story of Lilandra's psychic connection to Professor X.  The Princess has been acuused of treason by her brother Emperor D'Ken and is aboard a Shi'ar ship, when it is attacked.  During the battle,Lilandra's mind sees the memories of Charles Xavier, even believing herself to be him.  In the battle both her captures and rescuers perish, and regains her own mind, escaping in a shuttle and heading towards Eart...

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