Classic X-Men #1

    Classic X-Men » Classic X-Men #1 - First Night released by Marvel on September 1986.

    Premiere issue of the series reprinting the Claremont run of Uncanny X-Men.

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    Enter the All-New, All-Different Uncanny X-Men. When a mutant is detected on Krakoa, the X-Men head out to investigate. When only Cyclops return, Professor X puts together a new team of X-Men!

    While the story, "First Night," is interwoven with reprinted panels from Giant Size X-Men #1,

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    the story, written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by John Bolton, reenvisions the epic fist appearance of the New X-Men. Following the new team's rescue of the old from Krakoa, the team engage with one another in the Salem Center mansion. Xavier mentally watches everyone from his studio. Havok and Polaris are talking about quitting the X-Men and going back to school now that there is another X-group and they had never really wanted to be heroes. When they start to kiss Xavier stop seeing. Then Cyclops is studying their last mission and thinking about his mistakes while Jean tries to cheer him up, but in vain. Then Jean thinks about Cyclops and how they love each other, but if Cyclops doesn't make a movie, she won't do anything. Xavier can't do anything either. Banshee is at the living room playing piano while Colossus is drawing. Nightcrawler shows up from the shadows, frighting Colossus. Then Iceman enters the room talking bad things about Nightcrawler and Colossus (a demon and a red). He gets jealous and doesn't want more mutants in the X-Men. When he leaves Colossus says he would never left Russia, but Nightcrawler and Banshee say he is wrong and they have to stay and prove to everyone that not all mutants are bad. Thunderbird is in another room thinking about how the new team has to learn with the old guys and he wants to be part of the team, but Iceman shows up and angrily shout at him and freeze him. Thunderbird gets freed and shout back at him, saying they will all stay. Jean is at the forests thinking about the discussion with Bobby and the other guys (she had read their minds) when Wolverine appears behind her. He says to her about he wants her and that he always get what he wants, then he says her heart beats strong next to him but Jean wants him to stop. Storm is flying freely when Angel flies along her and then asks for a kiss. Suddenly Angel sees what Wolverine is doing to Jean and flies over him. Wolverine tries to cut him with his claws but Jean stops him. Then Storm uses her powers to stop Wolverine's fury and Angel shout at him, saying Xavier is crazy to has a guy like him in their group. Then Jean comforts Wolverine but he doesn't want pity because he really is a killing machine. Next, in the morning, Xavier talks to Jean about the events during the last night, and that she did good with Wolverine. Then Jean says she love Scott but she is also attracted to Wolverine, and that is the main reason she is leaving the X-Men. Then she tanks Xavier for everything and he says they are all free to leave, or he would be just like Magneto if he doesn't allow them to go. Jean says it will be only the beginning. Both the Art Adams cover and the Bolton back piece are original to this comic.


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