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"I didn't care about the politician haranguing the crowd below -- I'd had enough of his kind when I was younger and believed that sort of drivel -- but I knew what another assassination would do to this country -- and that was something I cared about."


Re-presenting two full length Punisher stories along with a new eight page story. The first story is a redone story that was shown in Marvel Preview #2. The second story was published in Marvel Super Action # 1.

Third Story Kite is an original presentation by Mike Baron

Summary (Of Third Story, Others can be read in select issue)


On a sunny day in the park Frank has some down time and flies his Punisher kite, even now he is thinking about war and its ferocity. That it can be in any moment of our lives, even in a pass time so passive as flying a kite. Thinking that a day like this is only as good as the sunshines, an marveling at his kite he doesn't seen the invader come in the form of another kite.

AS Frank attempts to save his kite the sky invader attempts to bring him down, the flyer of the kite isn't far away only around the next turn behind a set of bushes. The kites fly slapping at each other until finally franks brings the kite down an it falls short of where its operator was, and Frank follows it only to find a six pack of beer and a note "Next Friday".

In his mind an on his computer system he tries to find the person responsible, who would be so brave an brash to come at him in such a simple way. Kingpin, Jigsaw and a whole list of people were looked through on his database but no one fit. Thinking the only way to find the person responsible was to return to the same place he does so, knowing it could be a trap. And right on schedule the invader kite makes its appearance, but this time it wins the aerial fight. An Frank sits with a six-pack waiting but no one shows up, and now he must break out the real tools...Microchip.

Both he and Frank are stumped as to who it is trying to mess with Frank. They figure out a plan, Microchip will position himself on a building that over looks the exact spot to see who the man is an what he wants. The next morning Frank is at the park and once again an aerial flight proceeds but this time the flag is different it has the same emblem as Franks the tell tale sign of the Punisher the white skull. And soon the kites tangle up and Frank follows the line finding...Microchip with a six-pack sitting next to him.

The whole time it was Microchip, he was planning on celebrating his sons anniversary of his death. This very day was the day his son was killed many years ago, and as soon as Frank remembers they clap their drinks together an Microchip tells Frank that he's all the family he's got now. An they toast to Junior.


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