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    One of Spider-Man's first fans, and an aspiring hero.

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    Clayton Cole was the only child of a well off middle class family. At an early age he discovered that he had a natural ability to create small devices. He focused on sound and music since he found himself most "intune" with himself when he was listening to music. As mobile technology grew, Clayton started trying to have the latest technology to use in his own life. Due to his bright and awkward nature, Clayton was at times teased by his classmates causing Clayton to focus more on entertainment events. He ended up attending a wrestling match where he saw Crusher Hogan and Spider-Man first fight. Spider-Man inspired Clayton and later after attending the Spider-Man TV Special after the death of Uncle Ben. Clayton saw Spider-Man show how he created his webshooters and how he put others first instead of himself.

    Clayton as a result made his own sonic emitters and a costume that also functioned like a sound suit and decided to become a masked hero like his idol, Spider-Man.


    Clash was created by Dan Slott and Ramón Pérez and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.3 issue 1 (2014).

    Major Story Arcs


    Life soon went downhill, as Clayton fell into a bad crowd of people, eventually becoming a henchman for a criminal group untill he encountered Spider-Man again and wanted to redeem himself. Because of this, he got a job at Parker Industries as security personal. He is very thankful to Peter for this second change and is committed to remain a force of good.


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