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Clash of the Titans (1981)

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One of the best versions of Perseus, he had a goal, he wanted to know who he was, he knew what he wanted... and he just went out and did it. The film actually had a story and likable characters.

Another Crappy Remake

In the remake... he's a skinhead pedestal played by an asshole who can't act. I have no idea of what his goals were, there was no point for him to be fighting whatsoever. It was too much man Vs. gods, instead of man Vs. evil. The film had no story, no likable characters and relied too much on CGI and action scenes.

I didn't care for anything in the remake like the action scene with Medusa, it tries to be suspenseful but it fails, his men trying to act tough and badass but there really just idiots. The Matrix slow motion scenes, the skinhead Perseus that you couldn't care about and let's not forget the terrible CGI effects.

The 1981 film didn't have to rely on action sequences, Medusa was actually scary and that fight scene (if you want to call it that) was more believable, it was suspenseful and was more about timing, when to strike than running around the whole place where someone shouts "Where are you!"... yeah, that's smart. The remake Medusa was based off a beautiful Russian model even though Medusa is supposed to be ugly... it looked like a cut scene from an Xbox video game.

The 1981 film may not be a masterpiece on all levels, but it's a fun movie and far more enjoyable to watch.

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