Clark Kent's Apartment

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    Clark's bachelor pad located at 344 Clinton Street, Metropolis.

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    Clark Kent lives in a Metropolis apartment building at 344 Clinton Street, on the third floor, in apartment 3-D. His neighbors include April and May Marigold, a pair of beautiful twin coeds. Mrs. Goldstein an older lady who gets around by using a wheelchair. Nathan Warbow an Apache Indian who works as an industrial engineer. A young boy named Billy Anders and his pet lynx who lives with his mother Mrs. Anders were also neighbors of Clark Kent.

    The pre-Crisis doorman at 344 Clinton Street was Frank Jackson.

    The post-Crisis doorman at 344 Clinton Street was Mr. Harriman (Superman #11) and Mrs. Weisinger a resident who lives two floors above Clark Kent. (Superman: The Man of Steel #0) Clark thinks that she took the part time job as a doorman more for the gossip then the money. "She knows everything about everybody on Clinton St."

    In Superman #152, Clark's apartment building was located at 30th Street and Broad Street.

    A bust of Julius Schwartz is located in Clark Kent's Apartment in the pre-Crisis universe.

    In the post-Crisis universe one of Clark's neighbors was Mrs. Turk. (Adventures of Superman #446)

    Lois Lane moved in with Clark Kent beginning in Superman #0.


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