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    Clare is ranked #47 in the Organization. Which makes her the weakest of the Claymores. She is smart and has extraordinary senses.

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    As a child, Clare appears thin and frail. She has straight, light brown hair in a long "hime" (princess) style, much like Galatea's, though shorter, and green eyes. Her scarred body reveals abuse from the Yoma that used her as a cover and a toy.


    Her hair is cut in a pageboy and is now light blond. As a trainee, she wears it in the same style as when she was a child. When ambushed by a Yoma during her final test, she cuts off 2/3 of her hair to hang out a window as a decoy, (Extra Scene 4). It has remained short ever since. Her eyes are silver and her body scars are gone, except for the stigmata on the front of her torso. Her body appears wispy, disguising her supernatural strength. She is considered to be quite attractive, as commented by both Sid and a knight passing by her at an inn in Rabona.

    When Clare loses her right arm in a fight with Ophelia, Irene gives her her own arm as a gift so that Clare can use the Quicksword more proficiently. During the Northern Campaign, after getting a new uniform, she continues to use the black sleeve Irene was wearing when she received her arm. She stops using it after her near-awakening destroys the sleeve. Although Yoki-suppressants is supposed to return Claymore's eyes to their natural color, Clare's eyes appear brown in the anime, not green, when she takes these pills in Rabona (possibly a directional continuity issue).

    Partially Awakened Form

    Clare's eyes turn gold with slit pupils like those of a Yoma and her face and body become distorted and monstrous. Her legs become hock-jointed like a horse's, making her faster, and blades grow from her right arm, while her left becomes large and claw-like. Her Awakened right arm is most likely what Irene's right arm would have looked like if she were to Awaken.


    When first introduced, Clare was a very cold warrior who prioritized her duties over everything else; this is shown when after saving Raki from a Yoma, she told him that she had to get it into a position in which she could kill it easily, implying that she cared more about killing the Yoma than saving his life. Despite this, she was still willing to take Raki with her until they found a new village for him to settle in, largely because he reminded her of herself when she was a child. She insisted to Raki that she was not a kind person and that, if he tried to find kindness in her, he would only find disappointment. However, he refused to believe that due to what she had done for him and, in time, she defrosted due to his influence- ironically, she had previously done the same thing to her mother figure, Teresa.

    Even from childhood, Clare's enormous willpower was apparent when she would persistently follow Teresa despite the dangers. While with Teresa, she was initially mute, but later on was able to speak again. Her determination to kill Priscilla made her take Teresa's flesh and blood into her body and become a Claymore. She had an immense desire to kill Priscilla, to her claim, it was the reason for her being alive. Hence she was an offensive type Claymore. Killing Priscilla became her sole reason for existing, hence her initially cold, calculating attitude.

    Although she may look composed on the surface, her emotions can break out very easily, such as when she immediately rushed to Rigardo in anger when her companions were killed. Her burning passion is one of the reasons why she wasn't able to master the Quick Sword in her condition and repeatedly risks her life to save others. Because she often lets her emotions get the better of her, Clare will tend to ignore all warnings, rushing into any situation, regardless of danger. She can also be rather blunt as shown in the first episodes of the anime.

    Following seeing Raki wounded by Priscilla, Clare became ashamed that she no longer wished to throw her life or her humanity away in order to vanquish Priscilla. Conflicted at the desire to live, Clare's turmoil was only settled by Deneve's remarks and she then decided to win to see life ahead with her friends.

    Background Information

    Clare (クレア Kurea) is a female Claymore and the Organization's No. 47 during her generation which was the 150th generation of Claymores. She is the main protagonist of the series. She is the only known Claymore to have taken the flesh and blood of a fellow Claymore rather than that of a Yoma, making her 1/4 Yoma, as opposed to 1/2 human-like the other warriors. This was allowed to happen as an experiment to attempt to create a stronger warrior. This experiment was considered a failure, as she was considered weak and was given the last rank of No. 47 in the 150th generation. Despite this, through both her own efforts and the help of others, Clare eventually attained a significant level of power and became one of the first partially Awakened Beings.

    Clare is also the only person known to have volunteered to undergo the process of becoming a Claymore.


    Clare when she was young
    Clare when she was young

    Clare was originally traveling with a yoma who used her as a disguise to hide from Claymores. She was mute because of torment, and was beat up constantly by her captor. But one day a Claymore named Teresa sensed his yoki and killed him. The next day Clare started to follow Teresa. Teresa didn't take kindly to Clare even resorting to kicking her because she grabbed her cape. Later Clare was still following Teresa even for days without food or sleep. She eventually caught up when Teresa was resting. But Teresa knew she was there and tried to scare her off but still had no affect. Later a couple of thieves came by to rob Teresa and tried to grab Clare but she cut of his arm. Eventually the rest of the band found out what she was and left her alone by order of their boss. Clare still continued to follow Teresa even jumping off a cliff to keep up with her.

    Passed out from the impact of the fall Teresa fells sorry for her and takes her with her and feeds her, eventually she gave her a name. Later the thief Teresa injured came back and tried to rape her but Clare came by and tried to protect her but to no avail it only made the thief go after her until Teresa stopped him. Later Clare finally speaks asking if she was hurt, and saying was she followed her. She even tells Teresa says she is always in pain and that she had the same eyes she did. Finally learning why Clare followed Teresa started to open up towards Clare. Eventually Teresa buys Clare new clothes and tries to give her to a family. But refuses to stay until Teresa convinces her how unsafe it is to be with her and that she will visit her. Eventually the Theives they met earlier come to the village Clare is at and kills most of the people.

    After figuring out why the thieves were in the area Teresa came back and found Clare Unconscious and being dragged by the thief that tried to rape her. In a furious rage Teresa killed the thiefs and breaking the rule Claymores live by ''to not kill humans only Yoma's''. She is eventually ordered to be executed but escapes with Clare. The orginization sends a team to kill her but to no avail are able to beat her until one of the members sent to kill her named Priscilla goes berserk. Until gaining control of herself asks Teresa to kill her. But she lied and cut off her hands and eventually her head. Then Priscilla awakened and Killed the rest of the group only sparring Clare. Clare upset grabbed Teresa head and went looking for a member of the Orginization asking to put Teresa's blood in her thus turning Clare into a Claymore.

    Life as a Claymore

    Clare Claymore #47
    Clare Claymore #47

    One day Clare is sent on a mission to exterminate a Yoma in a village. She then meets Raki a boy who is not afraid of her and interested in learning about the mysterious Claymore. Eventually she answers his questions. Later that night Raki founds out the Disturbing truth that His brother has been dead, and a Yoma was posing as him. Clare eventually came in and saved Raki from the Yoma and left the village. Later she mets up again with Raki and saves him again from a Yoma posing as a Claymore. He then tells her his village kicked him out because of fear he might be a Yoma to. She then lets him travel with her and learns everything about Claymores. Clare later got a job from her handler Rubel, giving her a Black Card. Clare then traveled to the location Rubel told her and she encountered her old friend Elena. She sent the Black Card to Clare wishing for her friend to finish her off. Raki feeling sorry for her friend learned that Clare might go through that one day.

    Darkness In Paradise

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    Eventually Rubel gave Clare another job she was hired to kill a Voracious Eater(another term for a yoma with large appetites that was hiding in the Holy City Rabona. But learning that Claymores were forbiden to enter the city she had to hide her appearance and sneak into city. She then met the client and learned the yoma was killing and eating priests in the church, she was thinking the yoma was posing as a priest and told him she will kill it later. She then asked the priest if he could take care of Raki for her. Later that night she went to the church to find the yoma but was being blocked by two warriors named Galk, and Cid. Seeing she was a Claymore they thought she was responsible for the killings in the church. So after a scuffle Clare heard someone being attacked in the church. Racing there see encounters the Yoma which has just finished off a knight, started to attack it. It was too strong for her to battle without her sword as she had only two knives. Galk and Cid arrived to save her. But it overpowered them too. Galk was about to be killed but Clare took the blow instead of him. Calling for help soldiers come marching in and Yoma retreats deeper into the Church. The next day Clare was recoperating from her wound Raki met with the priest and two knights. Raki also learned that Clare asked the preist to watch him for her. Later that night Clare was healed up and began an investigation on the priests still alive. After inspecting each one of them she found out that were all human meaning it was somewhere else. Raki was waiting for Clare in the basement, Looking at one of the mummy's he saw a day ago inspects then tunrs around to look else where. A few seconds later the mummy starts to crawl out of it casket and starts to regain his form. Seeing that the yoma was disguised as a mummy it started to attack Raki. Clare then arrives to save Raki but is still weak from her injury tries to attack the yoma. Eventually Galk and Cid come to help her. Raki feeling useless goes to the statue he has been carrying and throws it to Clare which reveals to be her sword. With her sword back Clare is able to finish off the Yoma but by doing so uses to much aura and starts to awaken. Clare then asks Galk to kill her and says sorry to Raki. Raki then hugs Clare and says he can't live without her so I die with you. Clare hearing this regains control of her body mysteriously. The next day Clare and Raki prepare to leave and say goodby to Galk and Cid. Cid then comes up and gives Clare a goodby kiss. Seeing this Raki kicks him and starts to argue again with each other seeing that Clare smiles.

    The Slashers

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    Rubel then comes and tell Clare about her mission and says that yoma was not a Voracious Eater that is just a normal yoma. He then says that she is no way strong enough to kill a real voracious eater. Clare then asks if she can hunt voracious eaters. Rubel agrees and tell her next job. Clare then heads to a village to meet the group she joins. Her fellow claymores names and rank are Helen # 22, Deneve # 15, and the leader of the Group Miria # 6. Helen then makes fun of her for being weak and having someone following her around. Raki tries to protect Clare but she says it's fine and goes to drop Raki off at a inn. Raki asks her why they were treating her horible she then tells him the Claymore ranks, and that she is the lowest one # 47. She tells Raki he can't come with her as it would be dangerous, and promises him she will be back. The team then sets off for the mountains. Later they take rest in a cave from the rain. Still teasing Clare because of her rank. Clare tries to fight back but Miria challenges her to test her strength. Eventually losing to Miria, Clare lays in the rain. The next morning they head off further into the mountains they then encounter a traveller who then tells them about the yoma only to find out he was the yoma. After trying to kill it they find out it was a awakened being. The Awakened one knocked out Clare while the others were trying to kill only to have it heal itself fast. It eventually incapacitated Helen, and Deneve. Miria was the only one active to kill it but it began to be to mcuh for her. Clare finally woke up and started to approach it. The awakened one was surprised how brave she was to come in front of it. When it attacked Clare doged it and was able to hit him. Miria then figured out Clare was reading its yoki and found out were it limbs were going to hit next. After figuring out it tricks Clare and Miria finished off. After the battle they checked on Helen and Deneve to see if they were alive. After talking about their battle Miria told them about the Organizations conspiracy. They all found out they were given this mission because they all were close to awakening. A few miles away a Claymore Galatea and Ermita were observing them from a far, and reading their emotions. Deneve then showed them how fast she could heal without awakening. Ermita then told Galatea to leave after hearing of what Deneve was doing. Deneve recovered her injury on her arm. Miria then told her she was folish for doing that. After Galatea left Clare sensed her movements and Galatea then sensed her. After their conversation Miria showed them the symbols of the top five Claymores and told them they are very loyal to the orginization, and warned them of Claymore #4. After that Clare left to met up with Raki.


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    Clare was then given another mission to kill another Awakened one. She and Raki strated off for the location. She was to be teamed up with a Claymore. When she arrived she met her fellow teamate and was attacked by her. After seeing her ally attack her she tought of Miria's words about Claymore No. 3. She was looking for her symbol to prove her wrong only to find out it was true. The Claymore saw what she was looking at and asked where did she here about her from. The Claymore then revealed her name to be Ophelia. Raki then tried to help only to be a plaything for Ophelia. She then sliced off Clare's legs and went to torture Raki. Ophelia then decided to play a game with Raki after striked her shen then began to put more force in her slashes. After a few minutes of torture a little girl apperaed of of nowhere. Raki then warned her about Ophelia only to see that see is a awakened one. Clare then rushed to reatach her legs and help raki but the awakened one layed waist to the buildings. Clare was succesful in getting Raki out of the way only to have Ophelia trick her into helping her and throwing Raki to the awakened one. Clare was beaing held down by Ophelia to prevent her from saving Raki after finally braking free Clare rescued Raki and hurried out of the village to keep Ophelia from Raki. Ophelia was then left to deal with the Awakened one and finsihed it off. After escaping and getting far from Ophelia she told Raki to leave. Raki was hesitant to leave Clare alone but she kissed him and told him "I promise you... I won't die. I'll live...and I'll find you". Raki then left and Clare headed in another direction to lure Ophelia the other direction. Ophelia then caught and began to fight with Clare again. Clare proved to be no match for Ophelia so she began to ry and read her aura only to see she is too fast. Clare then tried to give her a sneak attack but got her arm cut off in the process. Rushing to get away Clare was hurrying to reatach her arm only to have Ophelia catch up again. Ophelia then told her that due to her rank she is to weak to reatach her arm or grow antoher. So then she sliced Clares arm into pieces to prevent her from healing it. Clare then tried to defend her self only this time to get her hand cut off. Ophelia was about to finish her off until a old Claymore named Irene came and saved Clare.


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    After passing out from her ordeal Clare awoke in a bed and was bandaged up and her hand was reattached. Irene then came in to bring her food. Clare asked how long she was a sleep Irene then told her to rest and get energy. Clare refused and said she had to go. Irene then came behind and shoved her head into the bed and told her "If you value your life so little then I will be happy to kill you right here". She told her Ophelia is still alive and is looking for her. After their conversation Irene told her to think about her situation. Irene went outside and used her sword to see if she could preform her Quick Sword. Clare then came outside and Irene was suprise to know that Clare was the child traveling with Teresa many years ago. Clare then asked if she encoutered Priscilla. Irene asked is she thinking of going after her and showed her what Priscilla did to her. Clare was shocked to see Irene was missing her left arm. Irene then told her she went into hiding and was not using her yoki so she would not be found by the orginization. Irene then gives back her sword and tells her she will teach her the Quick Sword. Clare proved to be succesful in learning the Quick Sword but was going to need more time and training. After her training Clare went to bath and was given a new uniform. Irene then told her it was her's. Clare then asked if Teresa's death was her fault. Irene tells her It's true in one sense due to her traveling with her strength declined. She contuined to tell she could have finished off Priscilla then and there but she hesitated and due to her heart losing her toughness. Irene then told her in all her time she always showed her cryptic smile but with Clare she was more peaceful. Hearing this Clare broke down in tears. Irene then told Clare "to live you staying alive is the only proof that Teresa existed". The next day Clare was still long away from learning the Qucik sword so Irene cut of her shoulder and then cut of her left arm and gave it to Clare. Clare was shocked and Irene told her it's a parting gift. She then told her she will start regenrating a new arm only to lie to her. So Clare attached her new arm, and told her she will return it to her. After Clare left Irene a Claymore named Rafaela came to kill her due to Irene leaving the orginization. While Clare was walking she sensed a huge amount of Yoki and encountered Ophelia again only this time she awakened. Clare found out she did not know she awakened and began to attack Clare. Ophelia thru Clare into a lake and was holding her down in the lake. Then she realised she awakened and blame it on Clare. Clare was able to cut off Ophelia arms until her new arm started to reject her. Ophelia then realised what was going on and sent her reaming human parts to the end of her tail and challenged Clare to finish her off before she heals or Clare awakens. Hearing this Clare used the Quick Sword and made her way through Ophelia's body only to start slowing down Ophelia then called to her and she came back into her senses. Clare finally reached Ophelia's remaing body and she was hesitant to finish her off, but Ophelia told her it was alright. FInally freeing Ophelia from her anguish Clare then started on her quest to look for Raki.

    The WItches Maw

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    Clare went to the town of Hanel after killing Ophelia, disguised as a man. There she came across Rakel, a severely wounded Claymore. Rakel told Clare of how her team leader Jean and two other Claymore have been captured and tortured, begging Clare to go and save them. Clare promises to do so just as Rakel dies. She headed to the cave and easily fought off a large collection of Yoma. After killing them all, she entered the Witch's Maw and was attacked by Dauf, an Awakened Being. She fought with Dauf, while trying to get past him to save Jean. However, she could not beat Dauf. It is then that Galatea appeared. Originally sent to retrieve Clare, Galatea agreed to help after being trapped in the cave. Galatea held off Dauf while Clare went to save Jean. When she reaches the chamber, one of Jean's companions was dead, while Jean had almost awakened. She was shocked to discover that Jean still kept her mind after her body transformed. Attempting to imitate Galatea's Yoki Manipulation, she managed to pull Jean back to her human form, though saying that she was not very good at it and probably could not do it again. Jean pledged her life to Clare before the two returned to help Galatea. Together, the three Claymore managed to defeat Dauf but could not kill him when Riful, the Abyssal one of the West, interfered. Riful rewarded Clare's efforts by telling her where Priscilla is, before leaving with Dauf. Galatea allowed Clare to continue her journey, while Clare and Jean left to continue the search for Raki. Clare objected to Jean stubbornly following her, saying that the debt was already repaid since Jean's example of extreme willpower made her Quicksword even better. She had to abandon her search for Raki when Rafaela and Rubel managed to catch them. She learned that Raki had been captured by a slave-trader and reluctantly accepts her orders to go to the North.

    The Northern Campaign

    Clare beginning to awaken
    Clare beginning to awaken

    Clare was one of the 24 Claymore chosen to fight in the Northern Campaign. She was put into Flora's team by Miria, along with Lily (#18 , Wendy (#30 and Karla (#39 . During the first battle, Clare helped Flora kill an Awakened Being, changing Flora's perception of her power. After the first battle, Flora challenged Clare to a fight in order to determine whose attack was quicker ; Flora's Windcutter attack or Clare's Quick Sword. In the end, it was determined Clare's attack is quicker, though less accurate. Flora passed the title of "Fastest Sword amongst the Claymores" onto Clare. During the second battle, Rigardo managed to critically wound Jean, causing Clare to forget her orders to protect Flora. Due to this, Flora was cut in half by Rigardo. Enraged over the death of her friends, Clare managed to awaken parts of her body without losing her human mind. After managing to control these parts of her body, she manages to kill Rigardo, however, she ran into trouble reverting back to normal. She asked Helen to kill her at first, before the critically wounded Jean sacrificed herself to save Clare, fulfilling her vow to serve Clare for the rest of her life. This successfully allowed Clare to change back, though she was distraught at Jean's death. She is one of the seven survivors along with Miria, Helen, Deneve, Cynthia, Tabitha and Yuma. She deserted the Organization afterwards

    Seven Year Time-Skip

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    Clare remained in the North to fight the Awakened Beings with the other six survivors. She learned to repress her aura completely during the seven years she was there. She also learned the Windcutter move since using her Quicksword used too much Yoki to be used without being tracked down. After saving Clarice, Nina and their team from Awakened Beings, she travels to a town with Yuma and finds a slave trade prison. She finds clues of Raki being there and having escaped which gives her new hope that he is alive. She requests that she travels south and fights Miria to settle it. In the end, all of the survivors travel south. After travelling away from the North, she, Miria, Helen and Deneve rescue the four soldiers that had ran into Riful of the West. Clare remains behind after the other three escaped. By saying that she'd 'consider' joining Riful, Clare questions her about the status of the Abyssal Ones. After finding out all the information she needs, she makes her escape. After learning that Galatea and Rafaela are no longer a part of the Organization, she accompanied the other six South. While passing Rabona, they sensed the aure of an awakened being. Once they entered the city they ran into Galatea and helped her by defeating Agatha. Clare was the first one to reveal herself and used Windcutter and Quicksword effectively to defeat Agatha. Afterward, she learns from Sid that Raki passed through the city with a girl. She, Yuma and Cynthia leave Rabona together to find Raki. After leaving Rabona, she and the other two decide to investigate a town where three Claymores and apparently two members of the organization had gathered. They were sent to kill an awakened being but it proved too strong for them. Clare and the others knocked them out so they wouldn't reveal them to the rest of the orginization. Clare effectively defeated the Awakened One that was hiding there but, in revealing herself, she ran into Rubel.



    • From the very beginning, Raki is unafraid of Clare, despite her aloof manner. She finally gives her name after he thanks her for saving him from a Yoma. When she finds him unconscious in the desert, she takes him to Egon and puts him in an inn. After Raki admits he was banished from Doga, she allows him to follow her as her cook. Clare becomes attached to Raki as they travel together. After Gonal, she and Raki have to separate. She kisses him and vows to survive. She keeps searching for him during the seven-year time-skip. She cares very deeply for him, presumably because he reminded Clare of her younger days when she was saved by Teresa. When they reunite, they are both overjoyed to be with each other again. Following their reunion, It is heavily indicated that the two of them have developed amorous feelings for one another, a fact noted by Teresa who commented that Clare had found herself a "good man".


    • Teresa rescues Clare from a Yoma which was pretending to be her parent. A mute Clare tries bonding with Teresa, only to be rebuffed. While following Teresa in the wilderness, Clare regains her voice and reveals seeing the same pain in Teresa's eyes as Clare suffers and only wants to comfort Teresa. Teresa and Clare become each other's everything. Teresa finally found someone that understands her loneliness and pain and accepted and loved her for who she was, and Clare becomes the reason Teresa still wanted to live. Clare, later on, reveals that Teresa means the world to her and avenging Teresa becomes Clare's sole purpose in the world. Not caring what will happen to her afterward, not even Raki. They live happily together for a short time. Clare loves Teresa so much that she insists on sleeping with Teresa. The moment Teresa is killed, Clare hates herself for being so afraid. Teresa's death inspires Clare to use the Organization as a venue for revenge. She insists that Teresa's flesh and blood be put into her so that Teresa will live on in Clare. This was proven true when Teresa emerged from within Clare's being to face Priscilla once more.


    • After confusing Clare for Teresa during Clare's battle with Ophelia, Irene takes Clare to her secluded cabin in the mountains to recover from her wounds. The two women reminiscence about Teresa and on how her travels with Clare together decayed her "warrior heart". Irene asks if the latter is "inside" Clare, which she answers yes. After short consideration and seeing Clare's passion to take Priscilla's head, Irene teaches Clare the "Quick/Flash sword". Irene also gives Clare her remaining arm to allow her to use the technique more proficiently since Clare is only a quarter-Yoma and does not possess the basic strength of a full half-Yoma. Irene also reminds Clare to live, for she "is the only proof that Teresa ever existed".


    • Clare hates Priscilla —Teresa's killer— making Priscilla's death Clare's life mission. To kill Priscilla, Clare is ready to abandon friends and her own humanity. That is also for her becoming an Offensive type warrior.


    • Despite Rubel' presence from the start of Clare's time at the Organization, their relationship is a chilly one. His double-dealings anger Clare. At Lacroa he explains all, which angers Clare even more. Except for Irene, Rubel understands Clare's motivations better than anyone. His understanding is cerebral, however. Irene, from an emotional level, perhaps understands Clare the best.


    • Clare's only friend in Claymore school. During their painful transformation, they could only sleep by embracing each other. Later as Claymores, Elena gives Clare her Black Card. She later slays Elena on Mount Shire.


    • Clare respects Miria for her strength and willingness to fight for everyone's survival. But despite their later friendship, Miria's first impression of Clare at Toriro (and later in Pieta) convinces Miria that Clare is incorrigibly reckless and, thus, impossible to fully control. Even after the Seven Year Time-Skip, Miria always has someone "babysitting" Clare, but it is more about keeping tabs on her since Clare was prone to disappearing for days at a time in her search for Raki in the North. Nevertheless, Miria admires and respects Clare's determination and strength of will enough to risk traveling back South again. Eventually, Teresa of the Faint Smile reveals that Clare has come to think of Miria as a close friend, comrade, and even sister.

    Deneve and Helen

    • Clare is initially hostile to them, especially Helen when taunted for her low rank. She drew her sword against Helen when she teased her about Raki. Deneve is generally less hostile. But in the Paburo Mountains, Clare willingly rushes into battle to help Deneve and Helen. After the Being is killed, the four Claymore become friends, promising to survive and meet again. They later do in the Northern Campaign, and they aid each other in the battles against Rigaldo and Isley's army of Awakened Beings. Their bond only strengthens during their training in the North, and they act as true comrades to each other when they return South to find Raki and overthrow the Organization. Later, the revived Teresa says that while Helen should watch her mouth a bit more, Clare seems to really like her and also greatly values Deneve's quiet manner and words of wisdom.

    Cynthia, Tabitha, and Yuma

    • While Clare does not seem to have much interaction with the last three Ghosts, she works well with them and it is made clear that she respects them. Teresa says that Clare feels much familiarity with Yuma because of their low rankings in the Organization and that Clare is a bit envious of Cynthia, who remained kind and cheerful even after becoming a warrior.


    • Clare joins with Ophelia to form a two-man Awakened Being hunting party at Gonal. Miria previously warned Clare about Ophelia, who hints at killing humans and Claymores alike and getting away with it. Ophelia attacks Clare upon scenting Clare's half-Awakened side, cutting off her legs in a bizarre game to see if Clare can reattach them as Ophelia slowly kills Raki. Later, when Ophelia recognizes her Awakened form, she lets Clare euthanize her, playing a game in reverse—this time to lose, not win. Even though Ophelia causes great trouble for Clare, she doesn't seem to harbor any grudge against Ophelia, stating later in the manga that she carries Ophelia's soul and hope, specifically for hunting and killing Priscilla.


    • Galatea impresses Clare with her strength and her Yoki Manipulation when fighting Dauf so much that Clare later tries to copy it. But the relationship is ambivalent, as Galatea's true business is to bring Clare back to the Organization. The three Claymore are forced to fight together, but after Dauf's defeat comes the moment of truth, when Galatea gives Clare an ultimatum: return willingly or else. Jean decides the issue when she supports Clare, Galatea decides to retreat. When they met again after seven years, Clare greets Galatea and is pleased when Galatea recognizes her.


    • Clare is in awe of Jean's enormous willpower, for she is able to retain her mind even with her body Awakened. This inspires Clare to improve her Quicksword. She fights alongside Jean without complaint but is irritated by the No.9 warrior following her after the encounter with Riful. Jean eventually fulfills her life-debt by preventing Clare from Awakening herself, and she then dies happily. Much later, Jean's death is theorized by Deneve to be the reason why Clare subconsciously prevents herself from fully Awakening.

    Powers and Abilities

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    Clare started as one of the weakest claymores, having trouble dealing with even regular Yoma. However, as the story progressed, her abilities have grown exponentially. After the 7 years of hiding, she became able to stand on equal ground with the phantom Miria (who in turn was able to defeat an entire generation of claymores with the exception of No. 1 Alicia and No. 2 Beth). Like all Claymores, Clare possesses strength, speed, and reflexes far greater than that of any human: Clare has been able to slash the water 40 times while seemingly not moving, she has been able to fight faster than the human's eye could and even Claymores. She has been able to rip the cell door off a holding cell and has been able to toss her very heavy Blade meters in the air,also she has left huge craters behind the impact of her blade. She also possess vast regenerative capabilities and resilience, allowing her to survive normally-fatal injuries such as evisceration and limb loss. When she uses abilities her eyes usually turns from silver to gold. Clare also has the ability to sense yoki due to having Teresa's flesh put in her. Due to her weak rank see was not strong until she lost her arm when battling Ophelia, and gained Irene's arm. But she learned how to us Irene's Quicksword ability. She eventually learned how to awaken different parts of her body when she was battling Rigardo. But she lost control and started to awaken. Jean then helped her regain her senses and form by sacrificing her life to restore Clare.

    • Clare was the only Claymore in history to have fought uising partially awakened limbs. In this form, she gains incredible speed and enhanced striking ability, amplifying her strike capability. This partially awakened form was enough to hold its own against Priscilla, a being that exceeds even the Awakened beings. She was on the verge of complete awakening when one of her comrades sacrificed herself to pull back Clare. Since then, she has been seen unable to even partially awaken. Jean had created a mental block in Clare to prevent the process.
    • Clare is regarded as weak by Claymore standards, but is actually specifically trained to fight yoma and awakened beings. She has displayed this ability by being able to read the yoma presense of average awakened beings and reacting to avoid critical strikes while her fellow warriors in the double and single digits were unable to react and do the same.
    • Anime and Manga differences
    • In the manga, Flora and Clare battle to compare their sword techniques, but in the anime, Jean interferes before their contest begins. Although Clare did mention the name of her technique, but she did not reveal Irene's name like she did in anime.
    • In the anime, Clare fights Priscilla in the ending episodes. Jean dies afterwards in an attempt to save her from awakening. She then deserts the Organization with Raki. However in manga, Clare did not meet Raki until seven years later. Despite the similarities in anime, the fight with Priscilla did not happen and instead Clare awakened in the fight with Rigardo.
    • In the manga, she asks for Rubel to give her Teresa's flesh and blood in front of an audience in the town Teresa and Clare were staying in. However, in the anime, she catches Rubel in town and Rubel takes her to a place where she demands for Teresa's flesh and blood to be put in her.
    • Acute Yoki Sensing

      • From inheriting Teresa's flesh and blood, Clare has the ability to read the flow of Yoki in opponents and predict their movement. Clare unlocked this when she became half-awakened. This ability has helped Clare to easily slay Yoma and battle Awakened Beings.
      • Intelligence: even when she was a trainee Claire was shown to be quite cunning. Like when she was battling her rival during the final exam she managed to use a stone on the ground to distract her. The best example though would be when she was escaping from Ophelia. She faked her death on a cliff to escape and almost succeeded.

      Awakened Limbs

      • The awakened limbs were first seen during the Northern Campaign, during the battle of Rigardo. Clare's legs become hock-jointed—a cross between a horse and pterosaur. Her left arm becomes a giant claw, which awakens further into blades sprouting out of scaly, muscular limbs, losing the human-like form of the arm, and her right arm sprouts several blades. Her awakened limbs allow her to move at lightning speed. Clare's awakening stops with Jean's death, as she brings Clare back to normal. Clare's next awakening attempt fails against Priscilla, due to a mental block caused by Jean's death.


      • By releasing all yoki into her sword arm, and controlling the berserker arm through sheer will, Clare attacks at superhuman speed. Irene tries teaching Clare the Quicksword, but soon realizing Clare could never master the technique, Irene cuts off her remaining arm and gives it to Clare as a "parting gift", and a way for her to master the Quicksword. Clare later learns to control the berserk nature of this sword swinging technique through willpower and reacting to yoki. According to Priscilla, Clare's version has the same power as Irene but has a shorter amount of time each time she uses it.

      Rafaela's Fighting Style

      • After having absorbed Rafaela's memories, Clare learns the former's fighting style, which involves creating a very faint field of yoki around the body, allowing for extremely precise movements even when reacting to stimuli beyond the field of vision, and also allowing her to fight with the rest of her body with kicks and punches. According to Teresa, Rafaela's fighting style is reckless and mildly clumsy.


      • Flora's signature move, Windcutter, is similar to the Quicksword in many ways. Like the Quicksword, it attacks at superhuman speed but is somewhat slower. The Windcutter, however, is superior to the Quicksword in terms of accuracy. During the Seven Year Time-Skip, Clare masters Windcutter in replacement of the Quicksword, as Yoki is required for the use of the technique. With the Windcutter, Clare has managed to survive through the Seven Year-Time Skip and hide successfully from the Organization's purge. The physical improvement and sheer strength gained from mastering the Windcutter made Clare's Quicksword on par with Irene's.

      Yoki Manipulation

      • Clare faintly used this to pull Jean back from her awakened state.

    Anime and Manga differences

    • In the manga, Flora and Clare battle to compare their sword techniques, but in the anime, Jean interferes before their contest begins. Although Clare did mention the name of her technique, but she did not reveal Irene's name like she did in anime.
    • In the anime, Clare fights Priscilla in the ending episodes. Jean dies afterwards in an attempt to save her from awakening. She then deserts the Organization with Raki. However in manga, Clare did not meet Raki until seven years later. Despite the similarities in anime, the fight with Priscilla did not happen and instead Clare awakened in the fight with Rigardo.
    • In the manga, she asks for Rubel to give her Teresa's flesh and blood in front of an audience in the town Teresa and Clare were staying in. However in the anime, she catches Rubel in town and Rubel takes her to a place where she demands for Teresa's flesh and blood to be put in her.

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