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Ratchet and Clank

Clank was built on the robotic planet Quartu. The evil Chairman Drek was building robots and something went wrong when he built Clank so Clank was smaller then the other killer robots around. Clank now having a mind of his own wanted to stop Drek so he stole one of his ships and ran. Clank was shot down then he landed on the planet Veldin.

Ratchet saw the crash and explored until he saw the remains of the ship. Ratchet after dispatching a few robots took Clank back with him and continued to work on his ship. It was there that Clank awakened and told Ratchet all about Drek and his evil plans and how Clank needed to see Captain Quark so he could tell him and he could stop Drek. Ratchet said he couldn't help because he needed a ship and he didn't have one part. Clank said you need the robotic ignitions chip. So they left Veldin and crash landed on planet Novalis.

Now needing an entire ship they explore but they notice that Novalis looks like it's evacuating it's people because it looks like a war zone. When they traverse the battle ridden place they get to this gigantic ship and this half crazy man comes out thanking them for destroying the robots and as a reward gives them a ship and a infobot with Quark in it. When they leave that planet they head to the place they think Captain Quark is, the planet Metropolis. When they get there they travel around until they meet Al guy they saw in the infobot that crazy man gave them. He tells them Quark left but for 1,000 bolts he says he can upgrade Clank.

Ratchet and Clank in Blackwater City

After Ratchet pays him Clank gets the Heli-pack upgrade. They try out the upgrade and travel around some more until they find an infobot. This infobot leads them to another planet. From there they head to Blackwater City on the planet Rilgar. They have to win a hover board race to see Quark so they head up to the top of the stadium but while they head there they meet a mysterious person. He offers them something he calls a Rip you a New one. Ratchet then gets offended and says something back. The dude then explains his self and says R.Y.N.O Clank then realizes that weapon is the most powerful missile launcher in the galaxy. The guy says he'll give it to them for 250,000 bolts. They leave knowing they don't got that kind of money on them at the moment. After they win the hover board race and bribe Quark's bouncer they see Captain Quark. He says he wants them to come to his secret headquarters on the planet Umbris.

After they traverse the deadly battlefield they see Quark. Quark says step into the ring of heroes but Ratchet wasn't to sure he thought it was a trap. Unfortunately Clank was to eager to talk to Quark. They fell into the trap. Quark says the 2 can't interfere with Drek's plan so Ratchet says he's going to kill them. Then Quark said "I'm not going to kill you Ratchet he is" pointing to the Blargian Snagglebeast in the background. After a good battle the beast falls. Ratchet gets angry at Clank and tells him they shouldn't have fell into that trap so easily. Needing a new ship Ratchet commandeers one of Quark's ships but can't start it. Clank then says you need a robotic ignitions chip to start it. They both then leave Umbris.

They try to hunt down Drek but from an infobot they find that he has made a new weapon called the Deplanetizer. He said he was going to blow up the planet that was in the perfect orbit of his new planet, Veldin. The duo went to Veldin to stop Drek when they encounter him Clank turns into his other form Giant Clank. After they manhandle Drek he turns Clank back into his small size, then he sets off the Deplanetizer's countdown. Ratchet and Clank quickly defeated Drek and sended him to his new planet. The duo then aim the weapon at the new planet and blow it up. The debris from the planet almost crushes Ratchet & Clank but with Clank's upgrades he flies them to safety. When they crash Clank's arm becomes broken and Ratchet leaves to go around his planet. Clank feeling depressed goes in the opposite direction. Ratchet then comes back and tells Clank to come and get his arm fixed. Clank runs to Ratchet ending their first adventure together.

Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando

After Ratchet & Clank beat Drek they become huge celebrities but after a few months things start to cool down. When they get interviewed on Behind the Hero Ratchet said that no one needs a hero right now. After those lines Ratchet & Clank get teleported to the Bogon Galaxy where they meet someone named Abercrombie Fizzwidget he's the founder of Megacorp.

He offers Ratchet training which is Martial Arts, Heavy Weaponry, Stealth, Camouflage, Survival, Ballroom Dancing, and Origami. Clank takes the apartment on another planet.

After the training Fizzwidget tells Ratchet that a thief stole an experiment called the protopet. Ratchet gets coordinates to a flying lab on the planet Aranos. Here he battles a few robots until he comes to find the experiment inside a small cage.

Here the thief reveals himself and Ratchet jumps down a tube to escape leaving the protopet. While still exploring the lab Ratchet comes to a hallway where 2 robots sneak behind him then he jumps off the lab calling his ship with his gadget then escapes the planet.

Ratchet called Fizzwidget and told him that the thief escaped and he had no idea where he went. Ratchet gets coordinates from Fizzwidget to go to a planet where a Megacorp store is.

As Ratchet traverses he gets to the store and he sees Fizzwidget who gives him coordinates to a place that looks like a casino. While there Ratchet fights a group of people called the Thugs-for-less.

As he fights through them he gets to the arena where he needs to win a gadget that repairs machines and vehicles. When he wins the challenges he repairs the bridges but when he's about to repair the second bridge he stops at this machine that takes pictures.

When he takes one though he sees an image on the screen of the thief and Clank. The thief says to stay out of his way. Ratchet then rushes to save Clank.

As he traverses the planet he fights the leader of the Thugs-for-less. After he defeats him he continues his search for Clank. When Ratchet finally gets to Clank Ratchet tries to find a way to get to him without jumping over the ledge and not being able to get back up.

The thief then sneaks behind Ratchet and pushes him down to Clank. Ratchet seeing Clank isn't moving goes to repair him. Clank's systems then come online with the first thing he says is the value of pie is... then he doesn't finish what he says when he sees Ratchet. No where to go Clank sees an opening where he can climb up and open the door letting Ratchet out.

When Clank climbs up he sees enemies to big for him to take out so he finds little robots called Gadgebots to help him. As Clank explores he finally finds something to open the door. After he opens the door Clank & Ratchet then go to a number of planets before they finally encounter the the thief on the planet Siberius.

Ratchet & Clank fight the thief winning eventually. When they win the thief drifts away on his hoverboard unconcious and they free the protopet. When they return it to Fizzwidget he accidentally destroys there ship and ejects them out of his ship into a cave underground.

Clank then says he did that on purpose but Ratchet stays optimistic. Underground Ratchet & Clank find a new wrench for Ratchet with a confusing brainteaser but they just bust it open.

When they get to the surface the thief comes on his ship but trips revealing that he is really a she. She says her name is Angela Cross and she wants the protopet. When they say they don't have it she says they just put the whole galaxy in danger then leaves a holovid screen to explain.

When they find their ship in pieces a strange mystic says he can fix it but he will need 10 crystals from the desert. After they get them he fixes there ship with magic. Then they head to the planet Dobbo.

There they find out Angela's claims were true when they see the protopet eating 2 scientists who work for Megacorp. Then they find out it is going to be released to everyone who wants one. They head to planet Boldan to try to reason with Fizzwidget on stopping the release.

They get arrested by the Thugs for attempting to bump off a robot look alike of Fizzwidget. The Thugs then show the the 2 a infobot of there new prison which looks like a prisoners paradise.After Clank creates a distraction to help both of them escape they see a transmission of Angela on the Thugs-for-less's fleet of ships. She gets caught and Ratchet and Clank go save her.

After they destroy all the ships they find out she wasn't on them but she was at the Thug's HQ. When they get there and defeat a few Thugs to find Angela they get to this gigantic robot with Angela trapped in the chest. After the duo shoot the robot with a few turrets placed around the planet they free Angela and head to her home planet to get her I.D card to infiltrate the Megacorp H.Q.

After they get the card they head to the H.Q to stop the protopet once and for all. When they get to the protopet they get captured and they find Fizzwidget. Then Fizzwidget takes off his disguise who reveals himself to actually be Captain Quark.

Angela then says "What the F* is going on here." Quark then says he wants to restore his glory as a hero and make Ratchet, Clank, and Angela public enemy number 1. When Quark takes Angela's Helix-o-morph (the gadget that's going to make the protopet a nonviolent creature) and zaps the protopet he makes a gigantic monster.

The monster then eats Quark and jumps away. Ratchet and Clank then beat the protopet who spits out Quark. Angela then says it's going to take months of research to figure out what's wrong with the Helix-o-morph. Clank then says the batteries were in backwards. After the quick flip of batteries Angela changes the protopet back to normal.

The real Fizzwidget appears who was really tied up and stuffed in a broom closet. Ratchet then repairs the infobot who got destroyed during that time.

Back at Clank's apartment Ratchet, Clank, Angela, and the infobot talk. Ratchet starts to wonder what they did with Quark. Angela then says they made him test some machines. The infobot then show's them what happened.

Quark ends up testing Megacorps new invention the Crotchitizer. This leaves Quark feeling a lot of pain during and after, thus ending another one of Ratchet & Clank's adventures.

Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

While playing chess Ratchet & Clank see Clank's new holovid show Secret Agent Clank. After that show Ratchet changes the channel to a news report on his home planet Veldin. It seems it is being attacked by the Tyhrranoids and the lead suspect is an evil villain by the name of Dr.Nefarious.

After that Ratchet & Clank put the warp drive on their ship and head back to their galaxy. When they get there Ratchet is mistaken for the new Galactic Rangers sergeant. They give Ratchet 2 new weapons. After that he dispatches a few enemies and is greeted by the president.

He gives them a task to find the only man who has ever defeated Dr.Nefarious, Captain Quark. He gives the duo coordinates to the planet Florana. After traversing a few swamps and fighting off enemies Ratchet & Clank finally come face to face with Quark but it seems he has lost his memory and he tells them to go through the Path of Death.

After they traverse a few death defying jumps and traps they come face to face with Quark again. This time they fight him to make him come with them. When they beat Quark Clank tells Ratchet to keep his mask on to make Quark follow them.

They then get coordinates to the Starship Pheonix. After they lock up Quark in there quarters Ratchet & Clank go meet Sasha the person in charge of the Starship Pheonix. After they meet her they get assigned a mission to go help the president fight off the Tyhrranoids with the Galactic Rangers.

When they help out and destroy every last Tyhrranoid the president sends them to go and fix the shields. When they fix everything and defeat a few more Tyhrranoids that were inside they meet Al again. He gives them a Captain Quark holovid game for there system back at there quarters.

When they play and beat it though Quark gets his memory back. After that he creates a team called the Q-force. In it is Al, Helga, Skidd, Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Sasha. They then get assigned a mission to infiltrate Nefarious's underwater base on the planet Aquatos.

When they get there they find out Nefarious is Clanks biggest fan and they find an encrypted star map to the Tyhrranoids' home planet and base, Tyhrranosis. When they get back to the Pheonix Quark has drawn up another plan. This time their going to destroy the Tyhrranoids home base.

After Ratchet & Clank sky dive into the battle field and destoy all the turrets they come face to face with the Momma Tyhrranoid. When they defeat it they head back to the Pheonix to tell there story. During there story Nefarious interupts them and Al traces the transmission back to the source, the planet Daxx.

They find out about the Biobliterator here. They then head to the Obani Moons. When they get to the end Skidd shows up and tells them to go and that he would take care of the Omega Shield blocking access to the Obani Draco.

They then go to Annihalation Nation to meet Courtney Gears to get information on Dr.Nefarious. She tells them she'll give them information only if Clank can get her a part on Secret Agent Clank. Then they go to Holostar Studios for filming. Ratchet gets fired from his role after pushing the ejector seat button, again. When Clank is finished though Courtney Gears knocks him out and replaces him with a look alike called Klunk.

When Ratchet sees someone he thinks is Clank they go to help out Skidd in the Obani Draco where Courtney Gears has captured him. When they get there though it's too late Gears has turned Skidd into a robot. Then she tries to do the same with Ratchet but he quickly defeats her and takes Skidd back to the Pheonix.

Sasha then tracks Nefarious down to a cruiser in the Zeldrin Starport called the Leviathan. When the duo get there they see Quark and Skrunch the monkey talking. Skrunch says something and Quark said "I thought we agreed we would never bring this up again." Then Skrunch says something angrily. Quark says "It was mating season how was I supposed to know she was your sister." Quark then says to Ratchet & the Clank look alike how long were you standing there. Clank says "Too long." They then get on Quark's ship and confront Nefarious.

Nefarious after talking to them sets the self-destruct sequence for the cruiser. Quark tells them to go on because he's looking for something. After waiting long enough on the ship they go on to save thereselves after the cruiser explodes.

After that they go to Metropolis which is under attack by Nefarious. Nefarious then turns the whole city into robots except Ratchet who was hiding behind a wall. Ratchet then confronts Nefarious and notices Clank is in a cage. Then Ratchet fights and defeats Klunk and frees Clank.

After traveling to a few planets, finding out Quark is alive, and Clank destroying the Biobliterator with an Ion cannon on the planet Koros Sasha tells them something depressing. There's another Biobliterator that's more powerful than the first. Ratchet & Clank then go to the planet Mylon to defeat Nefarious once and for all. After beating a few Tyhrranoids and hacking the system. Ratchet and Clank come face to face with Nefarious.

After shooting Nefarious with a few rounds he says he gives up. Then he runs away. After chasing him through many waves of enemies they finally defeat Nefarious but he warps himself into the newly transformed Biobliterator. Quark then comes to help by dropping off a few ships for Ratchet & Clank. They then destroy the Biobliterator and Nefarious and his butler are stuck on a meteor for a few thousand years. The Q-force then go to the premiere of Clank's Secret Agent Clank movie ending another one of the duos adventures.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

The series' next generation installment began with Clank at Ratchet's side, helping him with a new high speed vehicle on Planet Kerwan. Captain Qwark then contacted the duo and told them about heavily armed robotic commandos attacking the Planetary Defense Center. At the Defense Centre, attacking Drophyd walkers' sensors identified Ratchet as a Lombax and Clank as a toaster.

After being taken on the high-jacked Emperor Tachyon's ship to the Polaris System, Clank met a race of interdimensional aliens called the Zoni that only he could see. Ratchet discounted Clank's mentioning of invisible aliens believeing he had been damaged in the crash landing on Cobalia. He suggested that Clank should see Big Al after their adventure was over.

Throughout their travels in the Polaris Galaxy, the Zoni granted Clank with more devices to help Ratchet on his quest such as the Geo Laser and Robo Wings. When Clank was sent off to venture without Ratchet in smaller places, the Zoni also showed up to help him, similar to that of the Gadgebots from past games. Clank also gained the ability to slow time and could command the Zoni to manipulate' their surroundings to help Clank progress, levitate Clank to glide across gaps and energize machinery. The Zoni also gave Clank visions of the future which allowed him to have knowledge of the Cragmite return and prevent Talwyn Apogee from perishing in Zordoom Prison. The Zoni would usually refer to Clank as "sire" or "chosen one". After Ratchet had defeated Emperor Tachyon and destroyed the Dimensionator and saved the galaxy once more, the Zoni suddenly appeared, visible to all. The suddenly placed Clank in a strange energy field and began to take him away. Despite Ratchet's best efforts to save him, Clank disappeared through an interdimensional portal to parts unknown.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

Clank made only two appearances in this game, the first being the time when Ratchet was washed up on the beach when Clank appeared, and asked him if he was alright, but then disappeared. This may have been a hallucination. The second time was in a dark room with the Zoni, when he was blubbering weirdly, when the Zoni then said "the doctor" would fix him. Shortly after that, Dr. Nefarious stepped into the room and then fell down the stairs, ending the game.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

After parts of the Great Clock were destroyed by Nefarious and his machinery, Clank woke up after being suspended inside the facility for over a year. The robot tried to escape from Nefarious's clutches but was immobilized before he could do so. When Clank woke again, he had been reactivated by a robot named Sigmund, the Junior Caretaker of the Great Clock. Clank learned of his location from Sigmund and traveled with him around the Great Clock.

Clank would eventually enter a Mnemonic Chamber which would allow him to enter his own sub-conscious. Here, Clank learned he had a father named Orvus and that he had become the Senior Caretaker of the Great Clock and had "inherited" the facility from Orvus. Clank was given a Chronoscepter by Orvus, allowing him to manipulate time in order to overcome the various obstacles in his path. The Chronoscepter also functions as a weapon and can be used to fix broken objects throughout the Great Clock.

Clank would then travel around the Great Clock with Sigmund, fixing time anomalies of various planets before learning that Orvus left for Dr. Nefarious's outpost on Zanifar and did not return. During the use of a mnemonic chamber, Clank encountered the Plumber, who advised him not to "risk any more than 6 minutes". Ratchet then contacted Clank shortly after using an Obsidian Eye and was told to use a time portal on Zanifar to save Orvus.

Clank and Sigmund then made their way to the Orvus Chamber, a room which acted like the main control room for the Great Clock. He watched a message left by Orvus warning that misuse of the Clock would tear apart reality. However, before Clank could watch the rest of the message, he was captured by Lawrence, who serves as a butler to Nefarious, and placed in custody of the Valkyries. Ratchet and Alister Azimuth battled the Valkyries at their Citadel on planet Vapedia and set Clank free. After being re-united with Ratchet, Clank learned that Orvus had disappeared from Nefarious's clutches and that he couldn't do anything to save him. Thanking Ratchet for trying anyway, Clank managed to persuade him not to use the Clock to save the Lombaxes with Azimuth, fearing it would be a repeat of the incident with the Dimensionator.

Clank then traveled with Ratchet to Nefarious's station where they engaged Doctor Nefarious and Lawrence in combat. The duo was victorious and were narrowly saved from death themselves by Azimuth. Back on the Great Clock, Clank said that he needed to stay at the facility as it was what he was built for. Ratchet reluctantly agreed and started to walk Clank in. Azimuth, outraged at Ratchet's unwillingness to turn back time, suddenly snapped and sent an energy blast from his wrench at Ratchet. Clank could do nothing as he watched his best friend die.

Clank managed to avoid similar attacks from Azimuth, race to the Orvus Chamber, and seal the room off from the General. Clank then remembered the Plumber's advice, realizing it was crucial advice about reversing the flow of time. Breaking Orvus's rule on not using the Clock as a time machine, Clank initiated a time shift to reverse time for 6 minutes. Watching the energy slowly flow into the Universe, he barely manages to push Ratchet to the ground as the energy blast shoots overhead. He then helps Ratchet defeat Azimuth in a final battle while the Orvus Chamber falls apart around them.

After Azimuth sacrificed himself to repair the damage to the Clock, Clank bid a forlorn farewell to Ratchet as the Lombax sadly walked away forever. Clank, however, realized that finding his own family didn't mean that he could abandon Ratchet. As a recording of Orvus advised Clank to do what is meaningful to him, Clank promoted Sigmund to Senior Caretaker of the Clock by giving him the Chronoscepter and then chased after Ratchet, making it into Aphelion, Ratchet's spacecraft, just before the canopy closed. The two heroes then blasted off together into the stars for another adventure.

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

In All 4 One, Clank, Ratchet, Qwark, and Dr. Nefarious were captured by Ephemeris after Nefarious' evil plan backfired in Luminopolis. Clank's appearance has changed to match All 4 One's art style, and is slightly larger than in previous.


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