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    The Clan are all descendants of Apocalypse. The Clan have served Apocalypse throughout the centuries.

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    The origins of Clan Akkaba began in ancient Egypt. Akkaba was a small town in between Amentet and the Valley of the Kings. When Apocalypse was born a prophecy was told that a new Pharaoh who had fallen from the sky and seized control of the throne. The people were terrified and abandoned the child in the desert. The entire settlement was later destroyed by Baal of the Sandstormers who took the infant Apocalypse as his own son.

    After Apocalypse took the throne of Egypt and bore descendants he renamed them Clan Akkaba in spite of those who abandoned him. He made his children compete for his favor and they would kill each other for it. A number of monuments were forged at this time by Clan Akkaba on the site of the demise of the old clan. After the defeat of Egypt by Alexander the Great the clan moved to greener pastures in Rome. For centuries the clan moved throughout the world inciting violence and uprising notably the French Revolution staying close to their mantra of survival of the fittest. Occasionally they awake Apocalypse from his slumber.


    Clan Akkaba was created by Frank Tieri and first appeared in Apocalypse vs. Dracula #1.

    Team Evolution

    The clan believe in Survival of the fittest. The fittest member of the clan is considered closest to Apocalypse and leads the clan in his absence. The also must defend themselves against constant attacks for their position from their brethren.

    Only those who inherited Apocalypse molecular control over his body could attempt to become the fittest those who didn't inherit those abilities were considered weaker and held the title of "Lesser".

    The inner Council are considered the leaders of the clan and decide the direction the clan will take.

    The clan summoned Apocalypse in time of great peril the punishment. A member of the Inner Council at the time was put to death for asking for help. Apocalypse's believed the strong shouldn't ask for help. Mutants who inherited his gray skin had a higher risk of being killed during the summoning.

    The members of the clan were swore to secrecy revealing their secrets would result in their deaths.

    All members of the clan are branded with a tattoo behind their ear. The size of the tattoo relates to the strength of the bloodline or the amount of Apocalypse's blood found in the childs system.

    Major Story Arcs


    The clan was set upon by Dracula in 1897. He began to turn members of the clan to spite Apocalypse for an earlier defeat. In 1897 they awoke Apocalypse for aid. He killed one of them for being weak in requesting help but did help them anyway along with Abraham Helsing a longtime enemy of Dracula. In the ensuing battle only two of Apocalypse present descendants survived. Those two were Jack Starsmore and Frederick Slade.

    Modern Developments

    The clan managed to recover through Jack Starsmore and Frederick Slade. Frederick Slade has taken control of the clan and recently they met up again to infuse the descendant of Jack Starsmore, the de-powered X-Man Chamber (currently known as Decibel) with the blood of Apocalypse. It was said that he was re-powered and had omega-level powers, but he hasn't been shown using these powers yet, and instead uses technology-based sonic and hard light powers.


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