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The younger sister of S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team member Chris Redfield, Claire was very close to her brother ever since their parents died. She was a college with no real worries until she loses contact with her brother Chris.

Major Story Arcs

Raccoon City Incident

RE2 Claire Redfield
RE2 Claire Redfield

Late September of 1998 Claire travels to Raccoon City on her motorcycle to investigate her brother's mysterious disappearance. When she arrives she finds the town mostly deserted. When she enters a restaurant she comes face to face with her first T-Virus carrier. She manages to escape the restaurant and comes face to face with Leon Scott Kennedy, a rookie police officer scheduled to start with the Raccoon City Police. Just as the two begin getting acquainted they find themselves separated, both trying to reach the police station. Fighting their way to safety they manage to eventually meet up on the second floor. The two have run into two other survivors and they split up again trying to find a safe way out of the police station that is crawling with zombies, bio-weapons,and to escape the city. Claire is searching for Sherry Birkin, a young girl that is the daughter of two of Umbrella's chief researchers. Eventually Sherry joins Claire in escaping the station and down into the sewers.

The duo get separated when a sewer drain opens and sucks the small girl down. There, the unconscious Sherry becomes infected with the G-Virus by her father, William Birkin who himself is a mutated beast after he injected himself with the G-Virus. Claire must race against time to find an antidote to the virus before it can hatch within the little girl. Claire had previously dealt with a creature that hatched from a non-compatible host.

Annette Birkin, Sherry's mother, gives Claire the means to save Sherry just before she dies. Claire injects the young girl with the anti-virus and the two manage to escape the city via an underground train. Leon also escapes on the same train. However the train is attacked by a very mutated William Birkin, no longer even resembling the man he once was, and it triggers the biohazard alarm on the train triggering the trains self-destruct sequence. The trio escape just as the bomb blows the train and all that remains of Birkin.

Rockfort Island

Some time later, Claire leaves Sherry in Leon's care and she travels to Europe in search of her brother. A few months later, Claire is captured in Paris after having infiltrated an Umbrella facility in search of information concerning her brother. However, she is transported to the Umbrella prison facility of Rockfort Island by soldiers under the control of Rodrigo Juan Raval, though he later frees Claire during the HCF's (Hive Capture Force) attack upon the island.

Avoiding the hordes of undead, Claire eventually meets Steve Burnside, (a fellow survivor and former inmate), who agrees to help Claire escape from Rockfort. Though apparently disappearing, Burnside later returns to save Claire from a Bandersnatch with the Dual-Gold Lugers he stole from the Ashford residence earlier on.

Claire exchanges a pair of submachineguns for the Lugers, allowing her to access the hidden mansion located on the Island. With access to the Hidden mansion (or Ashford residence) Claire uncovers the secrets of the island and discovers an escape route leading to the Rockfort military air base (though access to the air plane located there required 3 emblems). Upon locating the emblems, Redfield and Burnside race against the clock to avoid the self destruction of the island, eventually escaping via sea plane.

However, a Tyrant smuggles aboard the plane and attacks the pair, forcing the outmatched duo to use a cargo conveyor belt to knock the Tyrant out of the rear landing bay. However, during the conflict the Sea Plane's navigation is altered by an auto-pilot that diverts the survivors to the Umbrella Antarctic base, where Claire is once again forced to escape whilst fighting off hordes of the undead. During the confusion Burnside is abducted by Alexia Ashford and injected with the T-Veronica virus, mutating into an axe-wielding giant intent upon killing Claire.

However, a shred of humanity remains, and Steve sacrifices himself to protect Claire from Alexia Ashford, reverting to his human form before dying. Simultaneous to events at the Antarctic base, Chris Redfield receives a message from Leon warning of his sister's demise. Chris arrives in time to rescue his sister, and he subsequently confronts Alexia Ashford in the bowels of the facility (a confrontation that the mutated madwoman would not survive).

Chris also discovers that the main architect of the rockford attack was none other than Albert Wesker, who was believed to have been killed during the Arklay mansion incident. As can be expected a fist fight ensues, with Claire taking advantage of the situation to prepare a jet aircraft for escape. Separated from Wesker by falling debris, Chris joins his sister and both Redfields escape from the Antarctic base vowing to destroy Umbrella.

Harvardville Airport incident

Claire and Leon
Claire and Leon

Claire next resurfaces in the year 2005 as an activist for the organization Terrasave, a charity opposed to the development and sale BOWs (Bio Organic Weapons). In the process of meeting up with a family she has been assigned to, Claire is once again thrust into a B.O.W outbreak when anti-Umbrella terrorist Curtis Miller targets senator Ron Davis who also happens to be present at Harvardville airport.

During the outbreak Claire manages to barricade herself and a little girl (Rani) inside of the airport offices in order to last out until help arrives. Such aid is eventually deployed in the form of Special Agent Leon S Kennedy and S.W.A.T members Angela Miller and Greg Glenn, who rescue Claire and the other survivors from the onslaught of T virus infected staff members (though Glenn fails to escape with the others).

Upon debriefing following the attack it is revealed that Curtis Miller is Angela Miller's brother; a survivor of Raccoon city who seeks revenge against Umbrella, the U.S government and Senator Ron Davis for involvement in the crisis that killed his family. Claire and Leon vow to help Angela uncover the conspiracy concerning Senator Ron Davis and the attack on Harvadville airport.


In Resident Evil Code: Veronica, she wears a different red vest (this time with a "Let Me Live" design) over a short black half tee-shirt with jeans as her standard outfit. She wears an alternate outfit in the mini-game Battle Game which consists of red and black hot pants and tank top with Umbrella's logo on the sides, and white boots. Claire is also shown wearing a third costume consisting of a red skin-tight unitard in the game's unlockable art gallery, but she never appeared in-game in this outfit.

The titles on the back of her jackets (in her original outfits and alternate ones as well) are homages to songs by the band, Queen (One of the games designers was once questioned about this link in an interview and expressed that they were indeed fans of the band).

In Resident Evil: Degeneration, Claire wears a tan, short-sleeved shirt with a red, long-sleeved shirt underneath it, along with khaki pants.

In Resident Evil: Operation: Raccoon City, Claire sports the Updated Biker costume featured in Darkside Chronicles.


Throughout the series, Claire showed signs of emotions either concealed or non-existent in most of the characters in the series. Thus, she is often considered as the most emotional character by fans. Claire also develops very close relationships with other characters like Leon, Sherry, and Rani to name a few. She is also very close to her older brother; Chris.

Other Media


Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil: After Life

Ali Larter as Claire Redfield in RE: Afterlife
Ali Larter as Claire Redfield in RE: Afterlife

Claire Redfield (portrayed by Ali Larter) is a survivor of the Global T-Virus outbreak and leader of the human convoy in Resident Evil: Extinction and Resident Evil: Afterlife.

She is the sister of Chris Redfield, a soldier in the United States Army, and was said to be searching for him during the events of Extinction.


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