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    Claire is the adopted daughter of Noah Bennet (HRG). Claire discovered she had amazing healing abilities and was soon targeted by the evil Sylar.

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     Claire being taped after she jumped off a bridge and survived.
     Claire being taped after she jumped off a bridge and survived.
    Claire was a typical teenage cheerleader, she was popular and pretty and even smart. Claire soon discovered that healed at an extraordinary rate and could not break bones, get burned or harm her body in any way. She only told her friend, Zack and after school they would go shoot videos or her jumping off towers or getting hit by a car and never getting hurt. She soon found out that there is a place on her head that if got anything impaled in it she would die but if it were removed she would come back to life.

    She realized her life was full of lies when she found out her dad was not a paper factory worker but a man that would track down people with powers and tag them like animals, even doing experiments on some. Even though that was his job he would never let anything harm his adopted daughter Claire. Claire finds out her mom is a women who can create and control fire. When Claire was a baby her and her mom where in a fire, Claire's mom survived because of her power but was grief stricken thinking her daughter died in the fire.

    Claire found out where she lived and told her mom of her powers and tried to find out who her father was. Claire's father ended up being a congressional candidate who had the power to fly, but could not afford the press or the public to find out he had a child out of wedlock because it would cause to much scandal. She ends up being a big part in trying to save New York from being blown up and ends up helping a lot.


    The Bennet's have now moved to Costa Verde, California, and have changed their last name to Butler. She finds a friend in a boy named West, after he sees her cut of her pinky toe. West has the ability to fly, and shortly after, they begin to date, without H.R.G. knowing. She also joins her new schools cheerleading squad.

     Bob and Claire
     Bob and Claire

    In "Cautuionary Tales" Claire was kidnapped by Bob. She was traded for Elle Bishop, Bob's daughter, who had been kidnapped by Mr. Bennet and West. When West tries to escape with Claire, they are shot down by Elle. Claire regenerates and gets up, and as West flies her away, H.R.G. is shot. In the next episode, he his revealed to be back alive, as he was revived by Claire's regenerative blood. Claire scatters what she believes are her fathers ashes. She notices Elle watching, and threatens Elle by saying she's going to expose her powers to everyone. She is convinced not to do this by Mr. Bennet, who is sent by the Company to stop her. 
    In this season Claire also learns she has the ability to grow back body parts, such as her toe as demonstrated in "Lizards". She is not sure to what extent though.


     Sylar cuts Claire's head off
     Sylar cuts Claire's head off

    Whilst packing up to move house, Claire sees a newsflash on TV showing the assassination of his father, Nathan Petrelli. Claire calls Peter to see if Nathan was okay and Claire told Peter that he wanted to go there and help with her blood. Peter tells her to stay at home. Claire does so but she finally decides to go to Odessa to help his father, just as Claire opens the door, Sylar appears. Sylar chases Claire but Claire eventually stabs him. The wounded Sylar then uses his teleknesis to pin Claire on the wall. Sylar then examines Claire's brain to "learn" how to use her ability. Sylar finally gains it but Claire asks him why didn't he kill her, Sylar then told her that she is special and she couldn't be killed even if he wanted to kill her.

    When Claire's mother returns home, she finds out what happens and starts to clear up the house. Claire helps but Sandra then realises that Claire cut her self with so glass. Claire then tells her that she couldn't feel any pain from the cut and that something was wrong with her. Claire tells Sandra that the pain was something she would always crave for, she tells Sandra that it was the only way she knows she was still human. Claire then tests her new ability on a train track but just before the train hits her, Peter flies in a saves her.

    Claire asks Peter if he can teach her how to fight. 
    Claire asks Peter if he can teach her how to fight. 

    Claire tells Peter what happened to her and she asks Peter to help her and teach her how to fight but Peter refuses claiming that something could go wrong and it changes everything, Peter goes and Claire was left thinking... When Claire was home, she finds her father, HRG looking at some information, HRG then tells her that some villains has escaped from Level 5 of the Company facility. Claire tells HRG that she wants to help but HRG wouldn't let her do that and later, HRG sends Claire's biological mother, Meredith Gordan to protect her in case any of the villains goes to the Bennet house. Claire then tells Sandra that she's not going to school and instead, she will find and capture the villains. Meredith tells her that she will train her but instead, she asked her why she wanted to do. Claire originally said that she wanted to help people but at the end, Claire finally revealed that she only wanted to hurt Sylar and to have revenge on what he has done to her.

    Claire later lies about a cheerleader meeting and she goes in search of one of the vilains that escaped from Level 5, HRG then goes with Sylar to capture the villain that Claire was also finding. When Claire and HRG was together, HRG told the villain to kill Sylar and he would let him go. The villain refuses to do that and kills himself instead. Claire then sees HRG as a user and stops talking to him. When Claire goes back home, she learns that Meredith has gone after another villain thinking that Claire was in danger. Sandra and Claire then goes to the villain's lair to rescue Meredith.

     Claire fights with Elle
     Claire fights with Elle

    After successfully capturing the villain, Claire finds that the Bennet house's lights were malfuntioning. Claire goes inside to see what has happened and she finds her brother, Lyle lying on the floor. He the tells her that Elle has returned, Claire then tries to throw Elle out of the house but Elle tells Claire that she has a problem with her ability. Elle tells Claire that she no longer has control over her ability and that HRG was the only person who could help her, Claire later feels sorry for her and goes with her to Pinehearst searching for answers to Elle's problems, as well as hers. When Claire and Elle was on the plane there, they both had a argument and Elle loses control over her ability causing the plane to fly unsteadily.Claire tells Elle to hold on to her and the electricity coming from Elle gets channeled through Claire and it stops effecting the plane. When Claire and Elle arrive at Pinehearst, Peter, suddenly falls from the building. Peter tells Claire that he wasn't healing anymore because his father took his abilties. Elle hears that his ability was taken away so she thinks that they can help her. Elle apoligises to Claire and Peter and she runs in the building searching for answers. Claire then takes Peter in and treats his injuries Peter gained from the fall. Claire then gets reunited with his biological father, Nathan, when he comes to visit Peter...



     Claire and Noah after the plane crash
     Claire and Noah after the plane crash
    One months later, Claire lives with the feeling that Sylar is still alive and killing. She overhears a conversation between Angela and Nathan and learns that the government is rounding people up. She warns Matt Parkman , but both are quickly captured. Claire is given a free pass by Nathan, but she still gets onto Flight 195 and frees the prisoners. After the plane goes down, Nathan sends Claire back home, where she is contacted by Rebel . She is given the mission to protect Alex Whoosly from Noah and she hides him in her house. As Rachel Mills and Jason Pierce search for Alex, Claire and Sandra manage to send him out of the town. They return home and find Eric Doyle, who has received a message from Rebel instructing Claire to help him.

    Claire gets a cover job at the comic book store before saving Eric from Rachel. She gives him a new identity and is soon saved by Nathan after her free pass is taken away. The two of them fly to Mexico , where they bond as father and daughter. They are contacted by Angela, who asks to meet with them at the Coyote Sands . Nathan and Claire arrive there and help Angela, Peter and Noah dig up the bones of the prisoners that were once kept at the sands. Angela explains what happened in 1961 and privately tells Claire how much she admires her. After the incident with Alice , Claire and the others decide to form a new Company together.

     Sylar's Funeral
     Sylar's Funeral

    When the family learns that Sylar has taken Nathan's form , Nathan rushes to Washington to stop him. Claire, Angela and Noah attempt to drive there but they are stopped by Noah, who suspects the government is close. Claire and Angela escape capture and arrive at Washington, where they part ways. Claire goes to who she thinks is Nathan, who turns out to be Sylar and captures her. Sylar attempts to remove Claire's hatred for him but ends up throwing her away. Claire is unable to help when Peter and Nathan arrive to fight Sylar, and, after Nathan and Sylar fly away, she goes with Peter to save the president . Claire later attends the funeral of "Sylar" and expresses her shock at the fact that he is really gone.



     Cheerleaders at collage      
     Cheerleaders at collage     

    Claire goes to her new college room and meets her roommate, Annie . She sees that Annie has all of her stuff set up and Annie explains that she thinks the two of them should be friends. When she learns that Claire got into the school with a GED, Annie offers to help her, as she does not believe Claire will excel on her own. Claire reluctantly accepts her help and later joins her in Professor Fenton 's algebra class. Claire has a nightmare in which she is attacked by a DHS agent and awakens. She leaves and declares that the class is not for her. On her way through the campus, Claire meets Gretchen Berg  who recognizes her name as a survivor of the Homecoming Massacre.

    Claire returns to her room and finds Noah talking to Annie. When she and her father are alone, Claire reveals that she believes telling the truth could be a way of reinventing herself. Later, she, Annie and Gretchen go to a mixer and play Guitar Hero together. After the party, Claire returns to her room and discovers that Annie is not there. She goes to the window and looks out, discovering Annie's dead body lying on the ground, having died from the fall.

     Claire after using the jump push fall technique 
     Claire after using the jump push fall technique 

    In her college dorm, Claire is interrogated about Annie 's suicide by a detective . After the interrogation, she is too shaken to stay in the dorm and decides to stay with Sandra for the night. Upon her return to college the next day, Claire is questioned again, this time by Gretchen , who debates over whether or not Annie's suicide was actually a suicide or a murder and wonders why Annie would map out her whole life only to end it. Seeing that Claire is unsure, Gretchen meets her in the campus cafeteria with a pile of forensics textbooks and explains the "jump, push, fall" test that she had learned about from an episode of Crossing Jordan . Gretchen wants to recreate Annie's "suicide" with a dead body dummy, which later that night gives Claire the idea to recreate it herself, but with herself as the dead body in question. Relying on Gretchen's explanation, Claire hurls herself out of her dorm window and lands in the spot where Annie's body was, and comes to the conclusion that Annie had, in fact, committed suicide . Claire puts herself back together and slides her ribcage back into place, only to discover that Gretchen had been watching.

    Claire initially ignores Gretchen , who knocks on her door repeatedly in an attempt to talk. Later, Noah comes by and invites Claire to lunch. When Claire goes to the bathroom to prepare, Gretchen corners her and asks if she's a vampire, an alien, or a government experiment. She follows Claire back to her dorm room and takes advantage of Noah's visit to get herself invited to lunch. At the lunch, Gretchen drops a variety of hints about Claire's powers and her secretive nature. When they have a moment alone, Noah offers to call in the Haitian but Claire says she will handle it on her own. She invites Gretchen to ask her anything and reveals her power . Later, the two girls chat and Claire explains that her power makes her immune to the effects of alcohol. Noah calls to apologize. Claire gives a prepared speech about living on her own and father and daughter end the call on amiable terms. She then lets Gretchen cut her hand to show her how her ability functions.

    Claire goes to visit her father and bumps into Peter . They hug and Peter tells her that he needs to leave for work. Claire is confused, as Peter works in New York . He smiles at her and speeds away. Claire enters her father's new home and decides that she will help him find a new job. She runs a mock interview for a lumber company but Noah fails miserably at that. Claire tries to help him more but he tells her that his single greatest strength is his loyalty to the Company . Claire reminds him that he is a hero, not an agent, and that he has saved countless people including her. She tells him that he needs to remember who he was in order to become who he is going to be.

    Claire and Gretchen eat breakfast together and Claire talks about how she is happy her life is finally normal. Rebecca Taylor approaches the girls and tells Claire that she can't escape her destiny. She tells Claire that she must follow in her mother 's footsteps and become part of the Psi Alpha Chi sorority. Gretchen doesn't think that Claire should do it but Claire says that she'll give it a try. She gets Gretchen to tag along by promising to be her best friend forever. The two of them go to a "speed-dating" test and Claire tries to talk about herself. She is confused when she learns that most people already know a lot about their past. They inform her that Gretchen told them everything.

    Later, when Claire and Gretchen return to the room, Claire notices that Gretchen is wearing her sweater. When Gretchen goes to the bathroom, a book falls from the shelf and attracts Claire's attention. She places it back on the shelf and notices that Gretchen has pages and pages of information about her on her computer. She goes through them and finds hundreds of articles, including some about murder-suicides. Gretchen returns and Claire quickly acts as if she never found anything. Later, at the sorority mixer, Claire is talking to another pledge named Kara Hayback . Claire notices a banner pole falling and hurls Kara and herself out of the way. She looks up and sees Gretchen near where the pole fell. They return to the room and Claire demands to know why Gretchen has all the stuff about her on the computer. Claire believes that Gretchen is stalking her and Gretchen admits that she is, but only a little bit. When Claire asks why, Gretchen kisses her. Claire is left shocked and before she can say anything, Rebecca and the other girls welcome them both to the sorority.

    Unbeknownst to Claire, Rebecca returns to the carnival and reports to Samuel , saying that she has nearly finished alienating Claire as ordered.

    Claire goes to see Noah and asks him about his job hunting. Noah tells her that it is not going well and she suggests that he should try some volunteer work. Peter teleports into the room and informs them of Hiro 's ill health. Claire suggests that they use her blood to heal him but Noah tells her that since the tumor is living tissue, her blood would only accelerate the process. Claire then watches as Peter and Noah teleport away to find a healer named Jeremy Greer .

    Claire and Gretchen , while trying to get to sleep, discuss Gretchen's feelings for Claire. Claire admits that the kiss wasn't bad but that she doesn't want to ruin their friendship or her normal life. Suddenly, masked figures burst into the room and attempt to kidnap the two girls. Claire fights back but Becky unmasks herself and explains that they are actually kidnapping the two girls for their initiation into Psi Alpha Chi . Claire and Gretchen are placed in the back of a car and Gretchen comments that it is nice being so close to Claire. Claire admits that she does not really know how she feels about Gretchen's romantic feelings. The car stops and the girls leave Claire and Gretchen in a slaughterhouse with Olivia and Ashley . They explain that it is a scavenger hunt and that the winners will miss out on Hell Week.

    Claire, Gretchen, Olivia and Ashley find a clue relating to the sorority's founding. Claire successfully gets the right answer and then makes sure that the supplies are divided evenly between the two teams. Olivia and Ashley leave and Claire and Gretchen start searching through the house on their own. Claire asks Gretchen how long she has known that she likes girls and Gretchen admits that she has had boyfriends as well. She sees Claire's reaction and suspects that Claire is a virgin, which Claire does not deny. As they are talking, Claire sees a shadow and then pushes Gretchen to the ground as a hook comes flying towards her. She begins to think that someone may be trying to kill Gretchen and talks about the many possibilities of who could be behind it. She tells Gretchen that there are others like her and talks about the possibility of the killer being telekinetic . Gretchen and Claire reunite with the other two girls but soon split up. While in the Prep Room, Gretchen is attacked by an invisible assailant and Claire tries desperately to help. The person shoves Claire onto a spike but Claire manages to expose who it is, Becky. Olivia and Ashley arrive and Becky escapes. Then, Gretchen helps Claire off of the spike and she heals in front of the girls.

    Three years in the past, Claire is cheering in Odessa when she see's Noah . She leaves her group and asks Noah if he's ok. Noah tells her that he's going to see her cheer at Homecoming . Claire doesn't buy it, saying he never sees her cheer. She is supposed to go eat with the girls, but says that she could hang with him if he liked. Noah answers he would love to.

    While having a milkshake, Claire asks if Noah likes his job as a paper salesman, and Noah says that he likes it a lot. Claire is a little bit surprised and asks what Noah wanted to become on high school, and Noah says he wanted to teach English in high school, Shakespeare . Claire is surprised and asks him what he knows about Shakespeare. Noah cites Shakespeare for her. She asks him if it's Romeo and Juliet, but he tells her that it is Midsummer Night Dreams. She tells him he should teach, that he should do what makes him happy. Noah tells her he doesn't think it's going to happen. The other cheerleaders call Claire and she leaves. 
    Gretchen and Clare are talking about the happens and Gretchen decides that it's better if she leaves althou it is revealed that it was Noah all along who was she after because HRG killed her father.
    Samuel meanwhile approaches Claire but unsucfesfull.
    Later Samuel reveales to Becky that they've pushed Claire in their direction.

      Claire became stalked by carnival member Eli who has the ability to create copies of himself.It became clear that it was eventually Samuel's idea so he can spy on her weather she will betray them or not.Claire told Lydia she doesn't fel home in there and after Samuel showed Claire a camp full of flower she left to bury her father.
    After the funeral Peter and Claire were talking where Claire told Peter she once had a boyfriend named West and he eventually ended up studying there in New York City.Peter to calm himself down, tried to stop a robbery only to end up wounded pretty badly but thanks to Claire, Peter mimiced her ability and healed really fast.Claire told him that he won't be always there to help him.
    Same night in the rooftop Peter asked Claire to call West for him.
    Claire eventually returned to college where he was caught by Sylar.He told her that she might be able to help him and by kissing her he used his empathic ability to understand what is wrong with both of them.Claire eventually put a sharp pencil in Sylar's eye and ran off.Sylar quickly shapeshifted to Gretchen and understood his problem than left.
    After the long afternoon Claire met up with Gretchen and the two decided to get together and not worry about what the people will say.
    Gretchen and Claire arrived to Noah's house where Claire found Lauren and saw what his father is planning:an assault on the carnival.
    Claire that night went ot Lydia to ask for help but Samuel arrived and planned to send Claire away but she told him to surrender and with this there will be no blood.Eli was hired by Samuel to 'fulfill' Noah's roll in all of this and after a planned assault Noah and Claire was to blame so they were imprisoned by Samuel who now planned to create a brave new world without people who doesn't understood them.
    Claire eventually saw her fathers, Noah's dark past before the Company in the house of mirrors where Samuel ordered Demien to show Claire.
    Claire still after that stood by his father's side and went to the souvenir trailer to release him but they were buried forty feet under ground by Samuel himself.




    Claire has the ability of spontaneous regeneration or cellular rapid regeneration, meaning she can heal from any injury. She has healed from jumping out of a tall building, chopping of her pinky toe being autopsied. Her most well known stunt though is when she jumps off an old oil rig. 
    "This is Claire Bennet and that was attempt number 6"~Genesis 
    " I walked through fire and didn't get burned"~Genesis 
    "A gift that is what you call it"-claire 
    "What do you call it"-the haitian 
    "My own private freak show"~Godsend 
    "My name is Claire Bennet and that was attempt number...You know I guess I've lost count"~Brand New World  
    "You want me to play dead I am sorry I am not Mr. Muggles" ~Company Man 



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