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I read a short blurb from someone who said that they're tired of superhero comics. The events have just done them in, and they've found that they've lost their taste for superheroes. They wanted to know if anyone else was at that point. Since my answers are almost always blog length, I figured I would just go ahead and blog about it. My answer is I am there right now. The big events at Marvel and DC just did me in. I love superheroes - I have read them for over 30 years - but I just cannot deal with the month-to-month events anymore. I read Avengers: Disassembled through TPB, then followed the monthlies through House of M and Civil War. I was disgusted that CW didn't end better, and that what should have been the ending (Capt. America being shot) didn't happen in the CW series (or that they didn't at least say "be sure to check out Capt. America for a crucial CW tie-in," so the retailers weren't caught up short, when people suddenly rushed them for that issue). I picked up the first issue of Secret Invasion, and then just couldn't do it anymore. If SI had been just the mini-series, fine, but it's the six other mini-series around it that makes it ridiculous. So I said, "I'll read it in trade paperback, at some point."

DC, I followed through 52, Countdown, Infinite Crisis, and One Year Later. When Trinity was announced, I said, "No way," and I bailed on Final Crisis in favor of the trades (which I haven't gotten yet). I bought the first issue of Blackest Night, and went no further (my LCS sold the rings as sets, so I didn't have to buy that $64 worth of issues to get them). I have no interest in Brightest Day, beyond what I can get from reviews and Previews.

I can tell you why Marvel and DC have caused me to quit collecting though... well, first, I should say: a big part of it is finances - I just don't have it in the wallet right now. Beyond that though, these big events happen, and nothing significant happens. Or the significant stuff gets undone. "Bruce Wayne's dead!" Whaaa...? "No! Wait! He's stuck in time and trying to make his way back!" Oh. "Hawkeye's dead!" No way. "No, here he is as a girl... no wait, that's not her, here he is back in the flesh." Huh? "No more mutants." Whoa. "Look! 198 survivors and a new, mutant baby!" How'd that happen? "Hawkman's back!... He's dead!.... He's back!... He's dead..." C'mon, enough is enough.

So, what I'm saying is: I've had enough of the never ending, never changing story. I'm sure I'll pick some stuff up in trades, when I'm able, but I predict more trips to the library, or reading it in the store (because they'll let me). I still love the superheroes, but I'm finding that I'm liking stuff like Savage Dragon, Dynamo 5 and Invincible, where the stories progress, people die (and don't come back), and there are consequences for actions. I'm not gonna lie: someone changes costumes and/or identities, I'm interested to see where it goes, but more often than not, it goes nowhere. I want to see this industry last and grow, but DC and Marvel are making me despair of anything positive happening except cool looking toys (that I usually don't buy) and movies (that I currently don't have the money to go see).


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I agree with this assessment.

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Hey, rowen', 'preciate the comment. 
I should probably "p.s." that it's not just the comics.  The economy's got me on a tightrope right now, and it's kind of frustrating that a little "escapism" into my hobby isn't even possible right now.  I definitely don't have the money to follow some big, branching event, so if I'm reading anything right now, it's something contained in one title, or one of the many unread books on my shelf.  I think part of what frustrates me about all of that is just on me, personally.  All around me, I'm seeing industry after industry that's taking economic hits, having to make cutbacks wherever they can.  I guess I don't understand how an entertainment industry can still hustle a company-wide event, like people still have the money to follow something so huge. ...Yeah, that's just me. 
The comic companies are just like everyone else right now: trying to do "business as usual" as much as possible.  It's not their fault that they're able to do so, or that I don't have the disposable income to keep up with them.... where's a convenient box of sunken treasure, when you need one to help your finances? (sorry, 1999 Titans reference.)

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I'm with you here, in all regards :(   I thank my library every time I go in cause of the trades they carry.
I am, however, hoping to pick up the entire Shadowrun(?) story with DD and Marvels street levlers.  Not to sure if I'll be able to tho.  
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@Donovan Montgomery:
Hey, Donovan, thanks for your comment.  To answer your "(?)," it's "Shadowland," and yeah, it looks like it's going to be awesome.  I'll have to read it from the library or some other free means, though.
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Thanks for the correction, lol, you would think I would remember the title of the cross-over that features my favorite character in the central role :\

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