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Civil War II 005

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Now, this was an interesting issue. I have been following this new Civil War, and I must say, I REALLY like it. Once again, we get to see Tony Stark at the core of a rift in the superhero community, but this time, it's different. Instead of quarreling with Captain America over government regulations and registration, Iron Man is battling Captain Marvel, the Ultimates, & the Inhumans over the fate of the future.

I wanted to side with Captain Marvel here. I have always liked Carol as a character and I never really trusted Tony, especially since I was against him in the first Civil War, but since the start of it, I could not manage to see her point of view. Her logic and demeanor were flawed and a genius like Tony Stark realized that. Add in the death of James Rhodes, Gabby, & Bruce Banner (which I did not understand since Cho took his power), and I am definitely against Danvers here.

Now, this was the big battle issue, but not the end . . . At least, hopefully it was not.

What was really great was the teams. How they have changed since the first Civil War and each character's reasoning for joining or backing a certain faction.

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I especially found not one, but TWO X-Men teams involved to be interesting, as well as Dr. Strange, and a multitude of other teams that were not present in the original Civil War.

Something else great was that Blue Marvel, a personal favorite of mine, who was obviously not present in the first war, was in it, battling Luke Cage and citing his intellectual background as reason enough for thinking he was on the right side.

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(How Luke Cage survived a punch like that is beyond me, and how Nova thought that would keep Adam down is also just adorable.)

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The "Damn right, 'uh-oh'" was also really funny.

And then there is the case of Captain America -- Captain Steve Rogers, that is. He played a very small role in this war (at first), and that can be for two reasons. One, things got really heated during the last war and he could be just trying to lay low, or two, it could all have to do with his secretly being an Agent of HYDRA, which is more likely. It's funny, considering Skrulls were involved in the first Civil War, and it's almost as if Captain America is one now.

Now, it may just be me, but ever since Captain America has returned, it seems as though he has been very uninvolved in the Marvel Universe and hasn't been as out-spoken as usual. This could be why they have made him a HYDRA Agent (for attention), or his being an Agent of HYDRA could be why he has been so unimportant/uninvolved.

But, I think that Marvel has sensed his decline in popularity, at least since the last Civil War, and decided to be nostalgic, so . . .

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They did it again. However, we don't know if he is dead. This is a vision by the very unreliable Ulysses, who has never, to me knowledge, predicted anyone death, only predicted something that led to another's death.

The issue ends with Carol placing Miles under arrest . . .

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Which is interesting since they were both on the same team, Cap and Miles, and the vision never actually shows Miles impaling Steve.

I am very excited for the next issue and I have high hopes for it and the rest for the series. Let me know what you thought!

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