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To add flaws to a flawed idea

The Issue:

Okay, the issue starts with a random giant celestial attacking earth and more or less every hero on earth fighting it with the magic users teleporting it away or something... Its not really important. There was a huge threat to the entire planet all heroes united and on their victory celebration some selected few find out it was thanks to the future seeing inhuman Ulysses.

Thats were the important stuff for the event starts and thats were the problems start. Tony Stark(Iron Man) is immediately against it, because they don't know how likely his future visions are to actually happen. Keep in mind so far the only thing that would have happened if the vision had been wrong is that a ton of heroes would have gathered and not had anything to do, which seems like it would have been fine since all the heroes are now celebrating their victory suggesting there was nothing urgent they would have missed out on.

The book admits this, but doesn't follow the logical steps. Tony suggests what would be if its one of them that is suggested to be evil next. This would only really becomes a problem once we go all minority report and arrest and punish people, before they commit a crime. Since there aren't, all they could do would be to get ready by looking out for the guy, checking for mind control or something bad happening to them leading to the turn to the dark side and maybe even preventing it. The book however is intend on having Tony and Carol(Captain Marvel) clash immediately about it they even lock Captain America(HailHydraVersion) out of the conversation, because Steve Rodgers doesn't tell people his opinion on stuff like this if you tell him no to, because you are afraid he might have logical points.

Anyways we jump ahead in time and see Ulysses have the vision leading to the free comicbook day issue, in which Warmachine gets killed by Thanos after accidentally hitting She-Hulk with a rocket(lol) that almost kills her(lolololol). Seriously what is wrong with Bendis? Is this idea of a joke or does he just hate these two characters? Whats the point here? Not a big enough fanbase for him to care I guess.

Anyways Tony finds out Rhodey is dead and rushes to the Triskelion obviously furious about his friends death and intend of finding out the reason. He storms into the room were Carol is next to the mortally wounded She-Hulk. Apparently She-Hulks extremely unique physiology, that was analyzed so fully by now that Shield and several villain organizations can make their own hulks whenever they want and includes a healing factor, makes it completely and utterly impossible to treat her wounds caused by a single rocket despite She-Hulk being super durable and taking shots from tanks with no injury, unless maybe if they have Bruce Banner.

Anyways Tony demands to know what happened. Carol tells them how she knew Thanos was coming gathered a bunch of Avengers and ambushed leading to Rhodey dying, She-Hulk injured and Thanos captured.

Wanting to know how they knew about Thanos Carol confesses to Tony Ulysses involvement. Tony yells how she killed Rhodey basically with her own hands and how he told them this would happen.

A) Did he?

B) If they had not listened to Ulysses Thanos would have been on earth unattended causing god knows how much chaos and possibly threatening the entire universe with a cosmic cube. Heroes would have reacted sooner or later either gathering a team with him already causing destruction which now happened in advance or attacking him by themselves raising the likelines of a few of them dying.

C) Tony is full of shit here.

D)If anything he could be angry about Carol not having gathered the best or enough Avengers she could and having no plan beyond punching Thanos. Options she wouldn't have had without Ulysses visions. E) This is forcing a conflict in a direction he wouldn't have taken.

Tony storms of after confirming Thanos is locked up, something I don't think was ever accomplished outside of a silly spider-man story, where he gets arrested by the police. Telling he would make sure none of them would play god again. Lets ignore the hypocrisy of Tony Stark saying that and ask why nobody stops the guy, who basically just said he would kill, kidnap or depower an innocent inhuman so that his powers could not be used again.

The awakening She-Hulk actually prevents Carol from going after Tony. Telling her how she should fight for it and how it is their future not his. After a tiny speech bubble indicating she said something inaudible before that.

I guess she meant its not Tonys future and Carol should be fighting for her idea of using Ulysses... or maybe she meant "Fight for our future it doesn't belong to that Ulysses person seeing it." and this is supposed to be some huge plot twist later on.

She-Hulk then dies, meaning the last thing Warmachine did was kill a fellow Avenger(LOL). This death probably sets up that when Bruce Banner arrives to help with her injuries he will turn into an completely out of contro Hulk and cause huge destruction and death, which they couldn't prevent, because Tony stopped Ulysses from using his powers or Ulysses seeing Hulk destroying and killing in one of his visions and Carols group capturing or killing the still depowered Banner.

The issue ends with Tony Stark flying away from the Triskelion.


This book takes a flawed idea for the Marvel universe by making a huge deal out of fortune teller despite there having been many clarvoyants and time travellers before and shows none of the actual problems with the idea of using one. Then it adds flaws.

In the past Tony Stark and several other heroes have taken warnings from the future, visions from the future and math predicting the future whenever they could get, the last one was part of the motivation behind the first civil war Reed Richards math predicted stuff to happen. Now the characters immediately get into the conflict we know is gonna happen without really a logical reason for it. Two people died a hero stopping at least planetary threat. If they wanted them to fight they should have had them go against a threat they underestimated because they knew about it or have people get killed because they didn't know about some catastrophe because they didn't know the future. Don't have them beat friggin Thanos, when he is about to get a cosmic cube. The guy has killed heroes before you know?

Saying that they died a hero means of course in-universe, practically characters got fridged. - Okay not really since fridging is really about villains killing people just to hurt the hero, but everyone else uses the term loosely as well so I'm allowed to as well. - One of them at that got accidentally killed by the other one for no frigging reason. And this spins off the conflict that is supposed to split the marvel universe and its heroes. Not because of a moral dillemma or differing ideology, but because of two currently emotionally unstable people being at each others throat because they are grieving for their friends.

While both have human and understandable reactions to the deaths their logic is incredibly flawed and they should not be able to gather heroes for their sides like this, this is not the introduction to a battle over the future its an introduction to a private war between two douchebags that can't handle loss. Maybe we get better reasons later on, but this is how it starts, this is how people are supposed to get hooked this is the core of the conflict.

Idea: D
Execution: D-
Art: A(and yes thats where one of those stars came from)


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Posted By darkdetective27

Great review. This comic sounds dumb and I was wondering how it got 3 stars. Glad the art was really good. Ill gladly be avoiding this event.

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