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To add flaws to a flawed idea 1

The Issue:Okay, the issue starts with a random giant celestial attacking earth and more or less every hero on earth fighting it with the magic users teleporting it away or something... Its not really important. There was a huge threat to the entire planet all heroes united and on their victory celebration some selected few find out it was thanks to the future seeing inhuman Ulysses.Thats were the important stuff for the event starts and thats were the problems start. Tony Stark(Iron Man) is imme...

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Civil War II #1 is a confluence of five egregious errors, each emblematic of Marvel comics at the moment. 0

Originally published at The Hub City ReviewI did not see that coming.I’m not merely talking about the specific shocks at the issue’s end – She-Hulk’s apparent demise and War Machine’s actual death – I’m talking about the entire tenor which Marvel Comics has increasingly taken on throughout the Postmodern Age of Comics, expressed here most clearly in the pages of Civil War II #1.Let’s dispense firstly with the most innocuous and obvious of the issue...

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