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A rushed mess of an issue hampers the astounding Civil War series

While reading Civil War #6, it quickly becomes apparent that Mark Millar is scrambling to wrap up the series with the succeeding issue. After Civil War has progressed so cintillatingly well over the past five issues, this sudden rushed and scatter-brained issue comes as a shock to the system.

All of the events seem to be thrown together haphazardly with no build to the climax. All of the wonderful character interactions and the emotional struggles seem thrown to the wayside to expedite the progression of the story to it's conclusion.

Suddenly there's a mole? There was absolutely no lead-up to that. It was a completely superfluous and worthless part of the story that the issue really could have done without. And it turns out to be Hulkling, who barely had any role at all in the series.

Then, in the matter of a few frames, the Punisher has killed the Plunderer and Goldbug (who cares?), has been beaten senseless by Captain America, and expulsed from the group. It's like this scene was put on fast forward. Thankfully, the companion issue Punisher: War Journal #3 gives us a better look at the events that transpired.

I really loved the Civil War series, but I could not have been more disappointed with its sixth installment.

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