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Turn of events

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The Story - Frank Castle is playing spy for Captain America, as he invades Baxter Building and steals the blue prints for the maximum security prison in the Negative Zone. Captain America now moves to strike hard and shows an ace in the hole: Hulkiling was posing as Hank Pym (Steve knew about Tigra all the time and that´s why in last issue he said to Hulkling: "Got a bigger job for you in Arizona"). Now it´s the final showdown: who will win this?
The Writing - Millar can get more credits in this issue for the dialogue, they´re excellent: Sue and Namor, Captain and Punisher, Dr. Strange and Uatu. The whole point of this issue was the unvail of Steve´s plans and the breaking in the Ryker´s facilities to reach the portal to the Negative Zone. We´re reaching the climax of the series and it´s getting pure excitment. For the plot we get a little glimpse of the Initiative program as well watch Reed finishing a surgery in "Thor" so that the can´t kill anymore.
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The Art - Mcniven have done a marvelous job with the Punisher in this issue: first he breaking in the BB and second he getting beated by a rageous Captain America (I think he was too hard with Frank) and the splashes were very good too. It´s a solid work of consistency and accurate art by Steve McNiven. For those who doubt his talent I think this is the series to catch up on his work and see for yourselves that he´s plenty good.
The Verdict - There´s only one more issue left, so that´s a totally Pick Up
5 out 5 Infiltrated Moles

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