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My name is Peter Parker and I´ve been SM since I was 15 years old

The Story - The Registration Act becomes law and S.H.I.E.L.D., leaded by Iro Man, sends groups to capture heroes that don´t obey it, like the Young Avengers, but they´re soon rescued by Captain America, who´s forming a resistance, supported by Nick Fury.
The Writing - Millar develops a little more of both antagonic ideas in this conflict: 1) Iron Man trying to convince everybody that the Registration Act is the right thing to do (just after defeating Doombot) and 2) Captain America arguing that this law criples heroes and civic liberties.  We get the big picture behind Tony´s initiative, who has convinced Reed Richards to fully support him. Mr. Fantastic is building some major projects for Iron Man (like number 42) and enhanced robots (this is the origin of Reed´s 100 ideas to change the world). The meta human society are polarized between Iron Man (with Reed and Hank Pym) and Captain America (with Falcon and Nick Fury). So war is just a step closer, as Steve Rogers - feeling that Iron Man is up to something big - starts to form a militia army (he has enlisted Daredevil, Luke Cage, the Young Avengers, Cable, Cloak and Dagger, Hercules, Goliath) and Iron Man just makes his public declaration that the law came to stay: Peter Parker reveals himself as Spider-Man, to the astonishment of all (it was a defining moment in Peter´s life that Quesada took it away with that bogus story of him...poor spidey).
The Art - McNiven continues to amazes me with his details, body construction and movement, faces expressions, scenarios...even his splashes pages don´t bother me (three pages). He has completely control of what´s going on in his canvas and  love every single character that he pencils: his Reed Richards and Sue Storm, his Spider-Man crossing the sky, his She-Hulk, his Tony Stark/Iron Man, his Captain America/Steve Rogers (he and Wilson breaking the Young Avengers free is the top adventure scene in this issue), his Patriot on the run (fabulous art), the S.H.I.E.L.D. bus being teleported by Wiccan (the effects made me remember of Back from the Future lol). To complete this, top of the art finishing art by Dexter Vines and beatifull colors by Morry Hollowell.
The Bad - A little slow paced, with no action (only the Patriot on the run and Steve freeing the Young Avengers), but that will change soon. The fact that everything just happened too fast (the bill became law in one month - so the time lapse between issue # 1 and # 2 is one month, and the book didn´t coverage this time) brings me a feeling that Marvel rushed this project, when in fact it could be a more elaborated crossover (like in the X-Men, it only reached three issues), with the duration of a year time...in doing so, we could see a lot more of the details that happened between issue # 1 and 2, but that´s ok, it´s only my point of view.
The Verditc - This is a mega event, super saga, one of the biggest of Marvel, so, Pick it up, if you already didn´t, it´s totally worth it.
4.5 of 5 Heroes on the run

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