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The super-heroes split as the CIVIL WAR heats up! Registration has become law, household names have gone rogue and a Marvel legend makes a decision that will change a life forever. Featuring the NEW AVENGERS, the FANTASTIC FOUR, the YOUNG AVENGERS and pretty much everybody else!

And, no fooling, true believer... this issue features one of the most shocking climaxes in Marvel Comics history. Miss THIS one and you might just regret it for the rest of your life!


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My name is Peter Parker and I´ve been SM since I was 15 years old 0

The Story - The Registration Act becomes law and S.H.I.E.L.D., leaded by Iro Man, sends groups to capture heroes that don´t obey it, like the Young Avengers, but they´re soon rescued by Captain America, who´s forming a resistance, supported by Nick Fury. The Writing - Millar develops a little more of both antagonic ideas in this conflict: 1) Iron Man trying to convince everybody that the Registration Act is the right thing to do (just after defeating Doombot) and 2) Captain America arguing that...

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Spider-Man is massively dumb 0

Ok, so this is the second issue of Civil War that I'm covering. If you haven't read the one for the first issue, I'd suggest you do so you don't get confused reading this as I might bring up plot details from the first issue.Now that the conflict has started, SHIELD are in full force pushing through a hideout of villains that have been beaten down and left for them. Maria Hill, despite openly stating that the anti reg side would quickly group together against the Act, states only now that Capta...

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