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Civil War review

Civil War.... one of the best marvel events of all time. Civil War will take you for an action packed, emotional, and extremlely fun ride. The plot of civil war is for all superheroes to registrate themselves and basically become workers of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony Stark decides that he is pro registration along with his fellow genius, reed richards. Captain America refuses to turn himself in and becomes the leader of the heroes that are against registration. One of the things i love about this story is that it makes you have an opinion. You can either side with tony or steve. This story features such a large character roster and it includes every character as equally as the others. This story has such a great plot twist near the end that just threw me for a total loop. The writing was very witty and i couldn't put the book down until i was completely finished. They developed the characters very well and i couldn't decide whose side i was on until the middle of the story. The story gets emotional for marvel fans because of some of the events in this story such as the death of a hero, Bill Foster. The fights in this book are usually short but they are full of purpose. The never giving up attitude of steve was great, i thought they captured his character very well. I was honeslty surpirsed at how Mark Millar portrayed every character so well, it felt like stan lee was giving him pointers along the way. The art was so impressive, it kinda reminded me of salvador larocca's style of art. The ending was heart breaking and i became so into the story. This is definitely a must read for any comic book fan. 5\5 

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