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Thee Marvel Jumpin book 0

This is the book to give new comic readers looking to get into Marvel Comics.  It has drama, suspense, shock, action, fighting, death and best of all enough characters to learn and all introduced at great points in the book.   Mark Millar may just be the most important name writing wise Marvel has.  His fan base is huge after books like Kickass and Wanted.  For those who are not familiar with Mark Millar, he is to Grant Morrison what Neil Gaiman is to Alan Moore.  Grant Morrsion is one of the mo...

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Who's Side Are You On? 0

One of the biggest events ever in the Marvel universe and the question you must ask yourselves is "Who's side are you on?" After the incident in Stampford, lines are drawn and lines are crossed as the government has passed the Super-Human Registration Act forcing every super hero to register with the government. Iron Man leads the pro-registration group and Captain America forms an underground group of heroes refusing to register. Some big events that happen are Spider-Man revealing his true ide...

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Civil War review 0

Civil War.... one of the best marvel events of all time. Civil War will take you for an action packed, emotional, and extremlely fun ride. The plot of civil war is for all superheroes to registrate themselves and basically become workers of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony Stark decides that he is pro registration along with his fellow genius, reed richards. Captain America refuses to turn himself in and becomes the leader of the heroes that are against registration. One of the things i love about this story i...

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Good Book although Parts Seem to have been undone 0

So the bad thing is that it looks like some of this has been undone.  I don't think everyone still knows the supers' IDs and all that. If you ignore that and just read this for what it is, it's a great story of what happens when the Marvel World becomes a bit more like the real world.  Or, to put it another way, what if the Supers were looked at in the same way the mutants are?  A reality show stunt gone wrong ends up with legislation passing that requires all Supers to register with the governm...

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civil war rant 0

Читали историю дважды, давным-давно, когда летом скучали без манги (тогда дарки долго возмущались из-за тупости человеческой)и осенью, уже целиком (тогда дарки долго возмущались из-за странности фанатской)Как можно заметить, это событие вызывает массу эмоцийсамая сильная из которых - желание побить обо что-нибудь сценаристова теперь попробуем по порядку))Если коротко, то гражданскую война - это крутая разборка между супергероямиСтив: свобода и конституция! с помощью терроризма! и тупизма!Тони: с...

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My 400th Review: The Best Marvel Event Ever 0

I decided to do something special for my 300th review, and decided to either review this or Batman: Hush, eventually deciding to review Hush. Cause of that I decided to keep Civil War for my 400th review, and now the times finally arrived here it is. I also intend to review some of the tie-in novels to this event, and also plan on reviewing the other Marvel events down the line.PlotAfter the New Warriors, a group of inexperienced teen superhero's cause the death of hundreds of innocent people th...

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Civil War 0

Buy it, Read itThis comic is amazing, from start to finish, it excels any other Marvel Comic.Civil War follows the implementation and consequences of the Superhuman Registration Act, a legislative bill which required the mandatory registration of any person based in the United States with super powers.This act means that all superhumans or superheroes have to give there identity and reveal it to all, so people do not feel threatened and know who is saving them.One major revelation is that of Pe...

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Should have been the ultimate hero vs. hero showdown. 0

The New Warriors are still filming their reality TV show, where the group goes on a hunt for super villains at large. They come across a group hiding out with at least one completely out of their league. They attack with their complete arrogance on display and the results become disastrous. This leads to the US Government having enough and they begin to pass the Superhero Registration Act. -summaryMarvel continued their reliance on the crossovers with intentions on reshaping their universe. Whil...

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