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A conflict has been brewing in the Marvel Universe for over a year, threatening to pit friend against friend, brother against brother--and all it will take is a single misstep to cost thousands their lives and ignite the fuse! As the war claims its first victims, no one is safe as teams, friendships, and families begin to fall apart. Civil War, a Marvel Comics event in seven parts, stars Spider-Man, the New Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and the entirety of the Marvel pantheon! Civil War – the cross-over that rewrites the rules - begins here in this double-sized first issue!


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Nonsensical politics applied to superheroes 0

I dont hate the idea of politics applied to superheroes because it can lead to some interesting stories. I also dont hate the idea of a registration act because it has been handled great with Watchmen, X Men, The Incredibles, and even in the Dark Knight Returns. I just dont think those things were executed very well in this comic. If you are going to add politics to a medium like this I want it to be executed in a way that makes sense and is engaging. Unfortunately I dont think it was either. I ...

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Living up to the Hype 0

Just finished the first issue of Civil War on Marvels Digital comics unlimited  on the web.WOW would be an understatement ! I'm not usually a big fan of a group of heroes working together ,but here I finally decided to read what all the fuss was about. The issue starts off crazy. Disaster in Stamford Connecticut , caused by Nitro by a school kills hundreds. All for the sake of a tv reality show based on skirmishes between good and bad super folk. Namely the New Warriors and the recently escaped ...

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"Justice for Damien" 0

The Story - It´s a new era for Marvel Heroes since the disaster that happened in Stamford,´cause normal people now wants the government on the super heroes as well that those get proper training and licenses to work. Will this politics from Washington be a good or bad thing for the heroes community? The Concept - Mark Millar is a great writer, perhaps one of the top five in this industry, and this story arc of him is a stone mark, is an event so big that rupture Marvel´s foundations and, I dare...

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