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As the Banished Pantheon's plan nears completion, the Freedom Phalanx and Foreshadow's team must join forces with the CIRCLE OF THORNS in an attempt to avert a disaster of biblical proportions. But are they already too late? And what role does the mysterious goddess Tielekku play in this? Read this action-packed issue and find out!                                  


The issue starts out in Dark Astoria with the second team of heroes entering the graveyard. Suddenly many undead rise from their grave and attack the team of heroes, fastfowarding back to team one where the Panetheon Shamans are attacking the heroes. The heroes are brutally beaten and the godess the panetheons are attempting to kill is still in their custody. Back to Dark Astoria were team two is holding their own against the undead forces, back into the Circle lair the heroes who have been captured have freed themselves and a battle follows. Numina fress the godess who aids the heroes in their battle against the Panetheon forces. Back in Dark astoria the undeads armys power supply has been cut off with that threat ended the main leaders of the Panetheon army proceed to attack team two. Team one and the godess apper the godess wipes out the Panetheon army and the threat is over.

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