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The mysterious Foreshadow hits the 'City, but is he friend or foe? The martial arts master lives alternating lives, one good followed by one evil...and it might be too late before Statesman finds out which side he's on this time! Join us for an exciting new storyarc that introduces NEW characters to the City of Heroes with every issue!                                   



The issue starts out in a circle of thorns lair with a group of villains fighting back the mystical threat of the Banished Panetheons eventually the Panetheons break through and proceed to killed the circle of thorns in brutal manners. Fast foward to Paragon city where Foreshadow and the rest of his team W.I.S.D.O.M are shaking down Tsoo thugs when the Freedom Phalanx arrives on the scene an ensuing fight follows in which the Phalanx recives a beating when Statesmen arrives revealing he and Foreshadow are friends. Fastfowarding to a Dark Astoria graveyard where beneath it shadowy figures seem to be doing some sort of ritual. Back at Freedom Phalanx headquarters the members of each team converse where W.I.S.D.O.M's history is revealed and how they are tracking an undead armys attack to Paragon city. An attack suddenly takes place in Brickstown home of the Zig a prison for only the most hardend and dangerous super criminals which is attacked for distraction while the rest of brickstown is victim to attack both by the Banished Panetheon. Both attacks are engaged by the two hero teams. With the amount of supervillains freed from the zig both teams are forced to take to the streets for a brutal fight.                  

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