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    "Oh Poncho!" "Oh Cisco!" both "oh ho ho!"

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    Fictional characters translated from literature seldom make the translation from the printed page to film, or the comics without being changed, sometime radically so.

    None so much as The Cisco Kid who when he first appeared in the O’Henry short story “The Caballero’s Way”, was a ruthless 25 year old killer, whose real name might have been Goodall, who at the time of the story had killed at least 18 men “not counting Indians and Mexicans, because he liked killing men”.

    However when this character was translated into other media he was transformed into America’s first Latino hero, he was also given a constant sidekick by the name of Poncho.

    Appearing in 28 B-Westerns, a 156 episode television series in the 50s, and at the same time a comic book series from Dell Comics and a long running newspaper strip, O’Henry’s  “Goodall” has been long replaced by the character we have today.


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