Cirucci Sanderwicci

    Character » Cirucci Sanderwicci appears in 11 issues.

    Cirucci Thunderwitch is a character from the manga and anime Bleach.

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    Cirucci wears a frilly dress, with large poofy sleeves that cut off at her shoulder, she has short purple colored hair, emo like markings, and knee-high boots. The remains of her hollow mask are positioned in her hair right above the left side of her forehead which resemble a spiked hairpin. Once she is defeated by Uryu Ishida, she is implied to have been killed by the Exequias.


    Cirucci's zanpakuto is Golondrina which takes the form of a whip with a large, spinning, Yo-Yo like disk on it. When released with the command "Rip off"  Cirucci grows large wings with ten moon shaped blades instead of feathers. Cirucci can fire those blades through the air or summon them back at her own will. Her arms also become long and she gains sharp claws on each hand, and she forms a long, thick tail. Her released state rapidly consumes her energy, but she can get around this problem by ripping off her wings and claws, instead fighting with an energy blade at the tip of her tail.


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