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    Former commander of Science Police Earth and lover of Dirk Morgna, Sun Boy of the Legion of Superheroes.

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    The character called Circe was written into the series Legion of Super-Heroes #28 - Terra Mosiac Part 4. She first appeared April 1, 1992. Circe was created by Keith Giffen and the team of Tom and Mary Bierbaum. She is a character plot in the story depicting the "snake and the apple" which leads to the shameful downfall of Sun Boy and in turn is also his demise.


    Five Year Gap

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    During the 31st centuries conquest of the planet Earth by the Dominators using martial law leaving the Earthgov torn apart. Circe was at the time a captain of the Science Police until the Dominators restructured the agency for their own means. Circe would than give up her title with the Science Police and become an agent for the Dominators. The Dominators would cause the eventual disbanding of the Legion of Superheroes under the leadership of Sun Boy by the UP. Dirk Morgna would become the most hated man on Earth being seen as a traitor to his people and the Earthgov.

    When Dirk spirals to his lowest point and loses all his former glory Circe approaches him. She seduces him and brings him to meet her friends and connections in the current government on Earth. Promising Dirk a new rise to fame Circe uses his own lecherous sexual sickness to manipulate him under her domination. Circe successfully put's him back together enough to make one final introduction. Dirk is taken by Circe to the Dominion and than offered a lucrative and luxurious life as long as he joins them as their representative for the new Dominator government. He accepts and as an agent of the the Dominators Circe keeps working for them and helps keep Dirk on a tight leash.


    Marital Status: Single

    Known Relatives: None

    Base of Operations: Metropolis, Earth

    Group Affiliation: Formally the Science Police, Dominators, Underground

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 120 lbs

    Hair: Blond

    Eyes: Blue


    Circe is an attractive young woman in her late 20's. She has short buzz-cut blond hair and piercing ice blue eyes. She usually wears a mix of combat fatigues and tight spandex with a brown leather bomber jacket.

    Powers and Abilities

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    Circe in an average human female with no special powers or attributes. She was however a superb combatant as she trained for years as a Science Police officer. She also was an excellent marks-woman and tactician. She was also a capable seductress and manipulator as she was able to breakdown and control Sun Boy for quite some time with her own guile.


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