Cindy Adams

    Character » Cindy Adams appears in 12 issues.

    Cindy Adams was a young woman that encountered and survived a Dire Wraith attack. She joined ROM not soon afterwards.

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    Cindy Adams was the only known daughter of George and Martha Adams. She was the sole survivor of a snowbound train whose passengers were slain by the Dire Wraiths. One of the Wraiths killed her father and then used its tongue to attack her. The Wraiths use their barbed tongue to drill into the skull of another being and steal its memories while duplicating its physical form. However at this moment Martha Adams cut off the tongue of the Wraith. The disrupted process left Cindy actually absorbing the memories of the Wraith.


    Cindy Adams was created by Bill Mantlo and Jackson Butch Guice and first appeared in Rom Volume 1 issue 60 (1984).

    Major Story Arcs

    Meeting ROM

    Alone after the massacre, Cindy was discovered by Rom, Starshine/Brandy Clark and Rick Jones who took her under their collective wing. Cindy struggled to contain the partial memories of the Wraith and its personality traits which at times threatened to overcome her own. With the Wraiths of Earth banished and Rom departing, her memories were no longer of use. Beyonder offered to cure her of the Wraith taint and restore her parents to life. She took his offer and presumably returned to a normal life.


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