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    A pyrokinetic on Deathstroke's new mercenary team, The Titans.

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    When Carla was a child, in Montisi, Italy on the day of her twin brothers, Dario and Lorenzo, birthday she was reading a book while they played in the field. Somehow one to the boys stepped on a landmine and both eight year old were killed. This was the day that Carla learned that death was senseless.

    She later joined the Italian Army where she learned the most important rule of war is never leave a man behind.

    Years later, Deathstroke first saw Cinder in Italy in the city of Rome. She was having sex with his target. As he was about to shoot, he saw the woman starting to burn him until he died. When Carla left, Deathstroke was already waiting for her. Deathstroke promised Cinder that she would have the chance to exact retribution on those who have hurt her in the past like her childhood abuser Nursery Cryme and Cinder agreed. Two weeks later, she joined the Titans (Deathstroke, Cheshire, Tattooed Man and Osiris) in the attack against Atom but accidentally shoots Cheshire with a magma ball thus causing some serious burns. Cinder and her team kill Ryan Choi even though she isn't used to fighting as a team.

    Major Story Arcs

    Villains for Hire

    While wondering around the Villains for Hire base,called the Labyrinth, Cinder finds Osiris talking to the statues of Black Adam and Isis. She commits how amazing the statues look, but when she goes to touch them Osiris stops her by grabbing her arm. Cinder doesn't like people touching her she she blasts him and threatens him. He merely replies, "I died once before". Her response "How was it?"

    Later when the team tries to assassinate Lex Luthor, Cinder gets frustrated with the plan and blows up Lex's limo's gas tank causing Lex to go into the sewer. When Cinder and Cheshire find him but they learn that their real mission was to protect Lex from Facade.

    During the battle Tattooed Man sees something in Cinder's eyes, a death wish. He confronts her about it but they are interrupted by Osiris who blames Cinder for a crack on Isis's statue.

    Family Reunions

    Cinder's next mission with the Titans is to break into Arkham Asylum so Deathstroke can find a female inmate named Allegra Garcia that he has been paid to find by Allegra's father Eduardo Reyes. While at the same time, the team must release the Mad Hatter because he was the one who hired Deathstroke's team to bust into the asylum. Cinder takes this mission personal because Nursery Cryme is one of the inmates that is housed in Arkham. Nursery Cryme is a telepathic pedophile that uses mind control to inflict pain thereby forcing his young victims to submit to his deviant will. Cinder forced to burn the restraints that suppress Cryme's powers and Cryme manages to escape after using a mind blast on Cinder. Cinder feels an immense amount of shame for letting a monster like that go free.

    Broken Promises

    After the Tattoo man leaves the Villains for Hire, Deathstroke realizes the only way to keep the team together is to give each member a taste of what he has been promising. First, Cheshire promise of getting rid of Drago. Deathstroke, Arsenal, Cheshire and Cinder go to Drago's Pacific Island base, but once there Arsenal and Cheshire turn on Deathstroke. Cinder tries to help him but she gets covered in some kind of fire suppressant.

    When Cinder wakes up she is a jail cell with Arsenal who convinces her that the only way they are going to make it out alive is to work together. Then Doctor Raiin walks in and Cinder demands he tell her where Deathstroke and Cheshire are. He tells her and she burns his arms off anyway.

    She finds Deathstroke in a cavern being attacked by some sub-humans and with her help the two escape and find Drago. Deathstroke beats him in combat but doesn't kill him. Cinder is the only one of the group that knows why, because feels that now him and Drago are even for what happened years ago.

    The Methuselah Imperative

    On the way home Cinder and the team are stopped by the Justice League, led by Ray Palmer. They want Slade to answer for the murder of Ryan Choi. Cinder hopes that Slade will opt for fighting them, hoping that one of them may finally kill her. Instead Slade gets them to back off with the threat of nuclear bomb.

    The team goes to Kahndaq, to get the help of Osiris. While Slade talks to Osiris Cinder, Cheshire and Arsenal sit in the dinning room and discuss how this maybe their last meal. Then when the Justice League does show up Mikaal hits Cinder with a lucky shot and she falls to pieces. Mikaal thinks he has killed her, but Cinder reforms and wishes it was only that easy. Mikaal tries to reason with her but Cinder doesn't think anyone can understand her pain.

    After the fight the team heads back to the Labyrinth where Slade shows everyone what he has been working on, the Methuselah Machine. A machine that can bring people back from the dead and make them immortal. Mark, Cheshire and Osiris want to use the machine to bring back their loved ones but Cinder stops them.

    She feels her brothers are in a better place and wants to destroy the machine. Arsenal comes around and helps her, he makes a distraction while Cinder throws herself into the machine over loading it. Everyone escapes but they presume Cinder is finally dead.


    Cinder can manipulate heat around her and is able to transform into molten lava. She can use the magma to create balls, which she trows at enemies. She can use her powers, while not even transformed, also she doesn't have to be fully transformed. Her hair can also be made of magma or not depending on her wishes.


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