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    The home nation of Conan.

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    Cimmeria is not a kingdom but the combined area held by the various Cimmerian tribes. The Cimmerians claim descent from the ancient Atlanteans. Cimmeria is an "unremittingly somber land, "all of hills, darkly wooded, under skies nearly always gray, with winds moaning drearily down the valleys".

    In winter their hills are covered in snow and freezing winds. It crosses the Ymir River with freezing waters.

    The area borders Vanaheim, Asgard, the Pictish Wilderness and Aquilonia. Hyperborea and the Border Kingdom are also nearby. Cimmerian raids into neighbouring lands and foreign invasions into its own are frequent. Only Aquilonia attempted a more permanent expansion into southern Cimmeria.

    A typical meal is Cimmerian rabbit stew, a dreary, gristly goulash.


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