Cid Highwind

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    Cid is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy VII and an important character in the Kingdom Hearts Series.

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    Final Fantasy

    Cid is unknown as one of the greatest pilot in the World and was put in charge of running the Space Program. Shera was Cid's assitant and she believed that the oxygen tanks needed to be checked once more before the launch. Cid told her no, but she decided to do it for his sake anyways. When Cid realized that she was down there right before the launch, he aborted the mission. Shinra decided that a space program was too expensive of a project and decided to close the program after this failure.

    The group Avalanche first runs into Cid, in Rocket Town. Cid has been waiting for Shinra to restart the Space Program. When Rufus arrives, Cid finds out he is only there to take Cid's plane. Cid ends up flying away on the plane with Avalanche, and joins their team.

    Cid later becomes very helpful to Cloud and his team, by the use of his Airship, Highwind. While Cloud was unable to help out due to expsure of the Life Stream, Cid was givin temporary leadership over the team Avalanche.

    Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus

    In the events of Advent Children, Cid had a pretty small role. He arrives just in time to help with the battle against Bahamut SIN. He then flies the team over to Cloud after his battle with Sephiroth.

    Dirge of Cerberus takes places a year after Advent Children, and Cid is now married to Shera. He has a new postion as a leader of the an Airship Divison for World Regenesis Organization. Cid comes with an army of Airships on the attack of Midgar against the DeepGround Soldiers.

    Kingdom Hearts

    When Cid's homeworld, Raident Garden, is over ran by the Heartless he is forced to leave like the other memebers of his world. Cid arrives in Traverse Town, where he opens up a shop. Cid is one of the first people Sora meets when he first arrives in Traverse Town. Cid later helps Sora, by setting up a Gummi Ships shop, and giving him parts.

    After the events of the first Kingdom Hearts Cid and the rest of the Final Fantasty cast are able to return to Raident Garden. There they set up the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, and Cid works from inside Merlin's House. Cid and Merlin are seen arguing with each other cause Cid takes science over magic.

    Abilities and Personality

    Cid is most known for his Piloting through out both series. He has made incredible Airships and even designed a Space Rocket. Cid is also shown being highly skilled with a Spear and use other various weapons. Like most Final Fantasy VII characters he has the ability to use magic through Materia.

    Cid's personality is extreme compared to other characters in Final Fantasy. He is constantly swearing and yelling at all times. He is also almost never seen not smoking throughout the series. Though he has these bad habits, he always has his heart in the right place. In Kingdom Hearts, he no longer swears and instead of smoking he is usually shown chewing on a peice of wood.

    Limit Breaks

    Level 1

    Boost Jump


    Level 2

    Hyper Jump


    Level 3

    Dragon Dive

    Big Brawl

    Level 4



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