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The Chupacabra is most prevalent as myth in the Texas, Mexico and New Mexico regions. It is unusual due to the number of photographic evidence of creature that exists. the photographs are often of deceased creatures where the skin as dried and receded from the features to give dog-like animals more demonic appearances.

The live animal is said to have red or shining eyes, because its seen mostly at night, and be aggressive in nature and sucks blood from its victims neck, most famously goats.

In comics:

The chupacabra skins its victims, and assumes their identities by wearing their skin as a suit.

Generally Chupacabras only wear the skin of victims of the same sex.

She has assumed the identities of: Jeanette Levy; Nancy, a female paramedic in Leeward Minnesota and Nadine Chestnut.

They team up with Mole Man in Fantastic Four: Ilsla De La Muerte to battle the Fantastic Four.


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